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The story takes part in two different worlds.
One of them is the world we all live in. So does Josh together with his brother Alex and their father.
Josh loves video games and books and isn't much interested in his own reality.
His father disapproves this and blames his son. This became worse as their mother died.

But then on one day Josh finds a game in a small shop.
It has no real cover and only one word is written on the CD-case.
Erayu - the games title. Josh takes the game home and starts playing.

The other world is called Erayu. It's the games world, where once an immortal
princess reigned. But one day she disappeared and so seems the light.
Some places in that world are fallen into darkness and more followed soon.
One, who gets into that darkness never returns; not alive nor dead. As if he never existed.

When the game starts, one plays a boy, who awakes among some travelers.
His memories are gone and so he tries to find his way through a world he can't remember.

The game focuses on its story. You will accompany Josh through his everyday life, meet his family and play his latest game:

Here the game will be similar to a Point 'n Click Adventure.

- puzzles and item combinations
- many dialogues
- unique characters
- no battles
- self-made face sets
- custom menus
- collectibles
- a picture gallery
- two endings

Latest Blog

Christmas special!

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is on the... shoe!
Let me tell you in a rhyme.
My poetry is so bad you will whine.

But let me tell you one thing.
You can get into Erayu's credits withing a... bling?

Just click the image and you'll find
a page to do stuff... of some kind.

*sneaks away*
  • Completed
  • Lucy_Fox
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Adventure Puzzle
  • 10/01/2013 08:46 PM
  • 10/17/2020 11:44 AM
  • 03/31/2016
  • 282822
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Thanks for the bug. I'll fix it ;)
Of course you can lets play :O
Just send me a link when it's finished :D
That's weird.. I never encountered that bug. It came up saying he didn't wanna see/talk to his dad.

But omg >w< This game has me really excited. See, this is why I love RPG maker.. Some people just have brilliant idea's. Too bad the game companies can't take a page out of the ordinary players book. To see what we ACTUALLY like in/about games. Instead of most of these new games that have awesome graphics, but lack a decent story/ plot-line.

But yeah; Good luck with your school projects Lucy. Though I must ask; Is the white haired boy in the game, Gonna disappear in the end?.. I've kinda grown fond of him and Alex.

And is Alex gonna end up inside the game? o.o
I too never had that bug. But strange things can happen allways.
That's the "fun" part of game making xD

Yeah, the RPG maker is really a great little thing.
With it I found some great games and even great people.
That's a great motivation for making a game as good as I can \o/
(Though I have to say, it's way more more difficult to get people playing a game in english communities xD)
I think with the growing of the Indi-developement scene the big producers
may notice which games people like to play. (Like Ubisoft with Child of light - great little game : 3)
Maybe we will get some more games like Journey oder Ni No Kuni (my favourites)

I don't want to spoil you. :3
But, just for my curiosity, why are you thinking the boy will disappear and Alex will end inside the game? (Or maybe you mean Josh? (Alex is the brother))

It's always interestint how other peple see the story :3
... Oh pickles o.o; I'm so sorry. Yeah, I mean josh. An i dunno. It was just a thought that came to me. (Spoiler for those who haven't played)
Cause the little scene in the demo. Where he see's the white haired boy.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
has 8 parts
glad someone did one im stuck in the starting area of the game world don't see anything to do lol...
supposed to get the hat and give to the tailor
and that's not happening :3
finished the demo with help from the above play thru
(that dam music box puzzle...)
in anycase this english demo ends about 25% into part 7
the german version gets more content :3

id love to play again from the start
if ever get a proper translation and the game gets finished.
unsubb for now pm if those 2 things come to be
I'm sorry. I don't really understand what you want to tell me ._.
Is nothing happening when you give the hat to the tailor?
Or is nothing happening at all?

Maybe my english isn't good enough, so please tell it a bit more specific. :3
Then I can give you better help.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
My problem was making the toy for fluffy
i could not combine
the stick and string because you need to use string to combine
i did not know
Ah, well I see.
So I'm glad you got help from the let's play.
There is a walkthrough for the german version I should finaly translate xD
I'm getting a feeling of deja vu. Have you played the series Golden Sun by any chance? A lot of your graphics look oddly similar and the picture of the floating crystal is from that game series I swear. It's located in Air's Rock in the second game I do believe.

But other then that I'm very intrigued by this and hope to see it completed.
No I never played it ;___;
Some of these tilesets are from Amaranth and some are more or less edited by myself.
The crystal is nearly completely my own work....
Well that's funny xD

At the moment it's just a demo ^^
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
I had a quick run-through of this again and I'm happy to discover that my memory of how much I enjoyed it isn't coloured by nostalgia. This game is still quite fun with a lot of potential. The grammar issues have been well commented so I won't make too much mention of them here other than to say they do take away from a great game experience and reduce it to just being a good one.

The interface you've included is great, not clunky or awkward at all, and there was a probability that it could be, but you've managed to integrate it pretty seamlessly. The music choices however do have to be a highlight for me, they are chosen with quite a bit of care and they really help to convey a mood or feeling within each sequence they are played. Even the opening one has that melancholic feeling of isolation that Josh feels from his father and in some ways from a lot of the people around him, hence the fascination with the game-world. The colour scheme you've chosen too aids in this, the sombre autumnal tones in the real world as opposed to the verdant green of the game world is a great visual indicator.

I'm really looking forward to seeing where the story goes when it is completed and hopefully with an editor to give your 'Germish' translation a more natural flow.
This is the kind of feedback I love most <3
It's great to see that the choosen colors and music tracks are recognised *^*
In the first place I wanted to have winter in the real world.
But I really love autumn and its special feeling. *_*
At the moment I'm working on chapter 5 of 6. (And as soon as I find a translator you'll get the other chapters ;D )
Thanks for your nice feedback. :3
Beautiful game.
There is nothing to say about the obvious grammar mistakes. It makes me chuckle, though! A very German translation indeed.

I really love the close attention to detail - the soundtrack is soothing and fits the situations perfectly. There are so many little animations - like taking that game out of your pocket. The "real" world is also, as nhubi pointed out, made deliberately different, colder and a little more isolated than the gaming world.
The different dialogue box skins, the whole interface as well as the color scheme contrast the two very nicely. The game seems like a game - even the tutorial notes are wonderful. And while the "story" present in the game is clichéd, you manage to give it a wondeful, beautiful vibe.
That is great work.

The only thing I find jarring are the ingame comments by our protagonist. I know it makes sense, since he is checking it out, but it seems out of place when you play there. But that's just me nagging.
I'm glad you like it. I knew it would be worth it to put that much detail in the game :3
Yes the story is an intended cliché :D (I was inspired by the Neverending Story) But not at all when it comes closer to the end °^°

Josh's commends are intended to tear you out of the game a bit. >:D
To show you, that you are still in a game in a game. (Gameception D: )
So, having translated some parts, this game is looking to turn out just as magnificently as it started.

I'm really excited to see the full version coming up in the future.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Any idea when that will be Ky? I've been looking forward to playing this one for a while.
Unfortunately not. It's progressed a lot, but I can see a lot of expansion being made.