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Suzy and freedom is a story-focused game. I understand some people may not have the patience or willingness to beat the game’s puzzles and minigames.

This walkthrough contains tips, hints and solutions to the game’s challenges. It also contains spoilers.

1 – Cris in the streets
The real challenge here is timing. You can either stand still and wait for an enemy to approach and hit him a little before he touches you, or you can move forward and hit him a little before you touch him.
The SHIFT key will make you stronger for a few seconds, and also heal your energy completely. It can be used 5 times.
There is a cheat key here: you can press 5 to recover all your power-ups.
This minigame ends after you beat the buffed guy. He appears once you've beaten 36 enemies.

2 – Suzy’s paper
The only thing you can actually do here is wait for your father to fall asleep. It takes time. Writing your paper doesn’t really interfere with the process. His periods of sleep get longer and longer, until you can actually escape.

3 – Love climb
Solution can be found in this video:

4 - Convincing Dan
Choose the following options to get a perfect result:
"You have no idea what it's like."
"And we'd have all their money."
"We'd live like king and queen."
"We could poison them."
"We'll do it together."
"We have no other choice."
"My dad rapes me."
"It is the right thing to do."
"I watch CSI. Let me handle it."
"We're doing the right thing."

5 – Being killed
It’s impossible to avoid being killed.

6 – Love climb down
Solution can be found in this video:

7 – Interrogation
It’s impossible to avoid being arrested.