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Game Summary

The game takes place in Astreal, one of the major kingdoms of the world. Years ago a seal was broken between dimensions that is now allowing demons to enter into the world. As the seal grows weaker the threat of a larger and more dangerous enemy grows imminent. It’s up to you to discovery the secrets of the past and put a stop to the demon infestation.


The story doesn’t completely revolve itself around one main character. Rather there are several important main characters and some side characters. Each character has their own background and motivation. By the end of the game they will all be untied by a common cause.

The game frequently has you switch between different groups of characters. This gives the player the opportunity to see what the other characters are doing. It also introduces a whole new set of skills and play tactics. And near the end of the game, when all the characters join together, there are numerous party formations. This allows for many different strategies in battle.


  • Material from the DS Resource Pack.

  • Material from the Samurai Resource Pack.

  • Artwork from Magic: The Gathering.

  • Music from the RMN Music Pack.

  • Yanfly Battle Engine.

  • Can have up to five party members in battle.

  • Can change party members during battle.

  • Can choose the difficulty level that suits you.

  • No more TP: All skills cost HP or MP.

  • Monsters and characters can be MP killed.

  • Includes many optional quests and dungeons.

  • Includes NewGame+.

Latest Blog

Complete Play Through Available

Star & Venus did a complete play through of Demonic Tutor on YouTube. Since she is not an RMN member I have included the link to the first video. There are a total of 15 videos to watch.

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  • 10/14/2013 04:54 AM
  • 11/16/2014 03:31 PM
  • 10/14/2013
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We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
hmmm never heard of giadon saga and Dragon lancer may be referenced somewhere that i wont mention *w*
but yeah never heard of either :3

the idea you mentioned the only thing i have seen that sounds like that is
Atelier Totori The Adventurer of Arland
really cute game but did not like the concept of alchemy and potions to use skills in battle :3
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
I like the title. Is it a MTG reference?
It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.

The game borrows some things from the MTG universe. I wanted to do a full MTG game with the characters / world, but didn't have enough of the resources or skills to put it into reality.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
Gotcha. Lionheart and its various predecessors include a lot of MTG references and elements too. Especially my old 2002 game The Tower, Lionheart's direct antecedent, had really heavy MTG influence and a CBS at the end that was basically simplified MTG.

That said...

Artwork from Magic: The Gathering.

I'd just cut that from your features. Not cut the art, just...don't announce it. WotC is notoriously, grossly litigious even versus free projects.
It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.

If anything the title of the game with the title screen will get their attention.

If Kentona ever asks me to remove it due to legal reasons I will. That being that WOTC will do better going after him than me. This sort of thing won't even see the light of day in the ROC.
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