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Halloween Wars v1.0 now available!

  • Avee
  • 12/07/2013 05:13 AM
Here it is!
The game download for Halloween Wars v1.0 has been submitted.

It sure took a lot more time than I expected to complete the game: two months in the making when I initially thought a month would suffice.

It has been both thrilling and exhausting to craft this baby. Most of the hours I spent on it were to draw the 700+ images, panoramas and animated sprites needed to bring the game to life.

Bug testing has also been a real pain. I often had a hard time understanding what was wrong in the code but eventually managed to fix all problems.
To my knowledge, minor bugs may remain, but those shouldn't impair the game experience.

I am proud of the result and to present you my most ambitious, original, completed game up to this day.
I'd be delighted to hear your feedback and suggestions. Don't be shy now ;)



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You the practice of self-promotion
Congrats on getting this game done and not giving up on it! I suspect 90%+ of RMN developers would have done so, especially since the deadline for the event was well past.

I'll add it to my ever-lengthening Games to Play List and Subscribe to it to keep myself up to date. I won't promise when, but I'll provide so sort of feedback once I do get around to playing it ...
Thanks! I'm eagerly awaiting your feedback :)
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