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AUTHOR: Maister-Räbbit
GENRE: Horror / Adventure
STATUS: Completed
LANGUAGE: German / English

"Two month have passed, since i went to live with my aunt Margaret.
The days are passing by, like a lazy fog, always gray and the same.
My aunts mansion has a lot of space, but is as empty and vast, as it is big and old, i think i will never feel at home here.
I can not even remember, when i smiled the last time..."


"I am convinced, that aunt Margaret only tries her best, but she has
always been a rather peculiar person.
She stacked my Guestroom with toys, even though i am much to old, for this kind of stuff.
It is difficult to talk to her, she always reminds me, that you should not talk about your feelings.
I should focus on my studying, she says..."


"The nightmares are becoming worse, i feel as if i had not slept for weeks.
Mister Henning, our butler, makes me a nightcap every evening, but even this
does not help anymore...
I feel that something is tearing me appart from the inside, but i don´t now what to do in order to stop it.
Aunt margaret does not understand, she treats me like a child,
as if i was mad...
Sometimes i think she is the one who looses her mind."


"The world outside is becoming more and more alien to me
and i have the feeling, to loose myself inside these walls.
I don´t know what to do.
But do i even have a choice?"

~ Fiona Thompson
~18. June 1935

A game of light and shadows: Lighteffects are´nt only for the optics, they are strongly connected to the gameplay.
A dark and psychedelic tale is revolving around young Fiona, a teenage girl who suffered a stroke of fate.
Enemies are following you through the entire house - find a way to escape them, because Fiona is unarmed.
This will be possible through a kind of "Fleeing-System" similiar to the one in "Desert Nightmare".
Dynamic shock-effects and encounters are fluidly determined by the players choices in the game.

"Agoraphobia" will be a dark Horror-Adventure with Puzzleelements.

As you may, or may not notice, english is not my first language, i am apparently german :D
I plan in translating the game into english and gladly accept any help as soon, as the game will be realeased.
If you want to take part in it, just leave me a message or contact me via PM.

Latest Blog

Agoraphobia - Reached Goldstatus

Hello, friends of darkness and neverending terror!

I have good news!
The german version of the game, finally reached goldstatus and is now in the closed betaphase. This means, it will only take a few weeks, until the english translation will be finished and the game released.

Stay tuned for more!
  • Completed
  • MaisterRabbit
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Adventure
  • 01/13/2014 12:51 PM
  • 02/16/2019 04:54 AM
  • 07/21/2014
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Pretty good so far, despite a hot summer, I am actually working on it :P

I am kicking myself in the buttox to get this thing done, as developing psychological horrgames really chews on your psyche @__@`

But well, the things you do for internet-dollars ...
I cant play it shows a white screen then direct draw aeeor I just finished night mare of snow right before ths so other games are fine
Check this Thread, Post #2 http://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/10204/
Cherry posted a solution there (Another Fullscreen Mode) wich will resolve your DirectDraw Issue.
Looks promising. I can't wait for the English version.
*rolls around violently*
I wanna play this soo bad!
Please finish it soon! T.T
I am still on it (Damn, i should have been faster, like always ~ and most of all ~ not making promises)
But yeah, the improved version is still work in progress and as soon as it's ready, the translation will begin. And then the foolproof reading.
Hope that won't take too long.
Stay tuned!
Wohoo ~ Doublepost!

Good news everyone:

The Directors Cut is ready for shipment, wich means translations have started.
Nevertheless, i still need foolproof readers and partially help with the translation,
wich is why i would like to draw your attention to this thread here:
Help with translation / Proofreading

I can use every helping hand and eyes, for this task.
So if you want to see an english translation of this game, have time to spare, or just want to test your german to english skills, please send me a message. :)
Wave ~ Rab

I have tried to download this and while the download works just fine it keeps saying I do not have the RTP 2003 installed even though I've installed it completely. I don't know what to do as I would love to play through this game.
Has the English version been released yet? This game has always interested me, but when ever I try download I always get the German version.

Well, due to becoming old and having to feed my family and stuff like that, i really missed on working on the english translation.

There are several translations allready, except english, wich really bothers me.

If there is still an able mind, i'd really like to get into a mingle about a translation of this game.
I'm a German myself but I do have a solid grasp. So while it may not be perfect stylistically, I can do a decent job.
I helped translate Erayu and part of Ink Traveller before.

Do you have the text compiled in a file? I'm not a dev so I won't be able to implement anything, but I can translate the heck out of those sentences~
Wow, so quick, so convinient :D
I think there is a program to convert the rpgm2k3 messages into a text file!
Gonna contact you this weekend! :)
Isn't it? ; )
Well, I will hear from you soon then!
Sounds like an interesting game, can't wait for the english version to come out
Thanks a lot, stay tuned! :)

Not quite there yet, but the awesome Kylaila is working on it.
And as far as i could see, she's doing a damn good job! :)
The translation itself is done but has not been implemented yet. It appears the author has been having enough busy-work irl to deal with. I'd love to see it come out in English, though!
This game really does look awesome. If it's ever translated to English, I would love to give it a shot.
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