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Chester Karlson is a sailor from Vaslika, a town in the south of Linkana. He delivers goods around the region. The day had finally come, where he sets off on his longest journey yet; to the capital of the north islands. He gives his farewells to his wife and daughter, who pray for his safety.
Chester is accompanied by his friend; Dante, and everything is going well. They've made it half way there, but they are met with disaster.
An unforgiving storm takes it's toll on them. Chester wakes up on a beach, none of the crew in sight, but doesn't necessarily mean none of them made it. He is acquainted with a young flamboyant lady. She offers to help him, and Chester can't possibly turn it down. His family are waiting for him to come home, after all.

But, that raises the question, will he ever come home?

If you enjoy games focuses on pretty much everything other than battles, this game might just be for you...
it still has battles though

  • Beautiful maps

  • Unique skill feature

  • Fun Side quests to do throughout the game

  • Character relationships to build

  • Neat scripts to enhance the experience

  • A game told from two points of views

Latest Blog

Relationship System?

I was thinking about going for a relationship system, so like you can get Bianca and Oscar to be in a relationship then get them married and the same for the other characters, I'm not sure if this would be good for the game? Do you think this would take away from the story?

Also, if I do go for this in my final decision, would you like to see a system similar to Fire Emblem Awakening, where you build their relationships from the menu and dialogue or just a normal dating sim style?

  • Production
  • Shadski
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 05/26/2014 10:36 AM
  • 06/24/2019 09:12 AM
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Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Gods have no genders, it's just humans who make assumptions....then again, that was an assumption, so who knows.

also, you know, mythical.
we have to go deeper into this assumption
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
i personally dont mind relationships in anime,but in games i rather it be left out.
its fine if its unrelated to your characters(some npcs in a town or something)
but when playing as a character
i feels really...pointless to build a fictional bond with a character lol...
i mean true
all games ares fictional your not doing w/e the character is doing either way
id rather do fictional adventurous things i couldn't do in real life personally :3

i suppose it would be fine in game form if it was a story and not a choice,if you didn't have to earn points or any of that nonsense.
but if people do enjoy that go ahead :3
its just not for me.

also why hiatus?didn't notice a blog or anything.
just lack the time or manpower to complete the task? :3
or something deepa :3
Hiya, is there a way to get DXGL to work with this? I have windows 8 and the fullscreen is just so damn slow it's not unplayable but it feels very sluggish.

the last game I tried was LISA and that seemed to work great with it, I've tried the same routine to get DXGL to work on this one and it doesn't seem to have any effect.

If anyone could help with this i'd appreciate it, or perhaps some other means to get fullscreen, I tried to get a script to work but I think I'm doing it wrong, I really have no idea what I'm doing to be honest when it comes to scripting.

Thanks, looking forward to playing it.
I'm thinking about the relationships being something that doesn't affect the story, but affects side quests (there will be a lot) and I'd rather have it as something that I don't really shove down the player's throat, you know?

Oh yeah hiatus cuz i'm so laze and I pretty much work in silence as well.

I'm really stupid so nope I haven't a clue how to even do that.
I cannot enter towns! Why can't I enter towns when im in world map???
I cannot enter towns! Why can't I enter towns when im in world map???

Because there are no towns to enter! It's only a demo!
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Ver demo
random thoughts
nice menu!

mapping is great so far

i love the huge avatar script

General 14M
not much to see sadly...but the very little we do have is good so far. i would be interested in more.
there really is nothing to say about the demo outside of that

wait until games completed
Extremely short demo. Mapping is pretty good. However it is very short and not much happened.

P.S. you can scale cliffs because tall grasses are passable
I cannot enter towns! Why can't I enter towns when im in world map???
Because there are no towns to enter! It's only a demo!
:( So when full game get load?
Edit: Never?
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