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The cast of the "Savel Memory"
  • outcry312
  • Added: 12/30/2014 07:23 PM
  • Last updated: 02/29/2024 09:41 PM


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So yeah, a little info. I finally sat down to work on Perspective(First half of break, I actually took a break... wow). But I sat down and finished the cast of character graphics for this memory.

It probably won't mean anything to you now, of course. This is a progress shot mostly. You don't know any of these people, but you will. I've got three more memories to prepare graphics for. I left my level plans at college, so I can only finish mapping this desert level. I'll wait till I get back to map the other three, so I'll be making character graphics until then!

Working alone, while trying to finish all the games I'm playing right now. Still have to finish Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 2 Final mix, and kingdom hearts Dream Drop Distance(My PS3 stays home, so I can't play once I go back to college). I am so busy.
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
I am so busy.



Playing games.
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