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Winner of 2010's Most Promising Demo Misao

2nd Place in RPG-atelier's Project of the Month of June 2011

Winner of RMRK's Project of the Fall Season 2011

"Forever's End appealed to everything I love about RPG's...I couldn't recommend it enough." - Little Wing Guy
"It has a genuinely gripping storyline, and I cannot wait for the next installment of this game...I literally want it right now, and if you play this game, you'll see why... " - Fallen-Griever
"{FE} has some spectacular and engaging characters and dialogue to make for a compelling game experience."
- Solitayre
"This is a game!" - dragonheartman
"...this game is great and is on my list of most wanted games. It's a must try." - Tyranos
"Seriously...this game is pure sexual magic." - Feldschlacht IV

Plot Overview

In the world of Linguardia, the nations of Rikalia and Dorent are the reigning powers. Although both leaders have been at peace for centuries, a dark cloud is on the horizon. King Richard, leader of the Rikalian Empire, has recently lost his wife and daughter to a pack of demons. Now, his mind twisted from grief, Richard is on a quest for domination. His plan: to harness the power of the six legendary crystals, which, according to scriptures, will bestow the wielder with unimaginable powers if brought together. With Richard on a path of destruction to collect the crystals, war seems inevitable.

Players take control of Epoch Lander, Captain of Richard's Dragon Knights, an elite force within the Rikalian Empire. However, when Epoch begins questioning the morals behind Richard's actions, he is arrested for treason and sentenced to death. With his head full of unanswered questions, Epoch must decide whether to accept his fate or fight for what he believes to be the greater good: even if it means fighting alone.

TV Tropes page available here!

Latest Blog

Soundtrack Complete!

Jose has just finished the last two songs of the soundtrack, bringing the OST to a grand total of 36 songs. With those final two, the Forever's End soundtrack is now complete! I really have to thank Jose for all the hard work he put into these songs. They all sound fantastic, and I can't wait to release the next episode with them implemented. Great job, bro!

Do know though, there are a few songs that will be included with the game that aren't custom. Not many, but a few, mainly because some of my cutscenes were already built around these songs. However, all of the ones included on this gamepage are the custom ones composed by Jose.

With the soundtrack complete, I thought I'd list out a few of my personal favorites. If you have any favorites, please comment and show Jose some love.

Traveling - Overworld Theme

The Reprieve

Dangerous Wilderness

The Death Knight - Marcellus' Theme


Journeying Forward

Cutting a Path

In the Heat of Battle - Boss Theme 2

A Dying Planet's Last Breath



What you can do (if you really want to fix it) is either:
1. Find a background that repeats without a break like that
2. Find a background that fades into a solid color like black, center the background image, and set the rest of the background to that color.
Hi :)

Been enjoying your game so far, just wanted to report a game crashing bug I came across:

During the 'just woke up and talking to a doctor' beach scene, the doctor started walk away and ended up next to the crab, that he couldn't walk through. freezing the game. Suggest giving the doctor the 'pass through' thingie :)

Haha, whoops. Thanks for the heads up Thom, I will definitely get that fixed.
puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
I get a lot, and I mean A LOT, of lag in the sewer-section early on in the game. You might want to take a look at that.
I've had a few people mention this to me; the problem is that I used only one map for the entire sewers, including when the water level is high and low, meaning there are twice as many monsters on the screen and twice as many parallel processes. I meant to fix this for version 1.1 but it completely slipped my mind. If you can't proceed, let me know and I will update the demo with a less laggy sewers.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
So I am downloading this now.
This is a very impressive effort. The battle animations in particular were very well done. The only problems I can see are the potential for the story to hew too close to Final Fantasy IV and some grammar errors in the dialog.
O_O Duuuuuuuuuuuuude......! I just have to say that the train at the very end of your demo......wow......it looks unbelievable!!!! Totally epic!
Hey, thanks a lot! However, the real credit goes to LWG as he was the one who initially designed that map. Also, glad to hear you were able to make it to the end!
This looks excellent -- I'll have to add it to the queue!
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Hey Nico, this is Terrorantula - I didn't think to share the name across sites. Glad you're proceeding with the work. Disappointed you've decided to put a skill limit on Lee-- I don't approve at all..Since Lee's physical strenght is low he's going to need magical strength to balance it out. I can understand your concern about Lee's possibly becoming too powerful , but i don't think the 5-skill limit is the best way to do it.

Instead of the skill limit, I suggest the following.:
1. In general, have stronger skills cost more AP, thus effectively limiting the number of times they can be cast.
2. Give drawing a miss chance, and have that be higher with some abilities than others. (Have some skills be harder to draw than others.) In-game this might be explained as the skill having, say, complex, exacting hand gestures that are hard to copy correctly. Some skills might have a higher miss chance when cast, too, thus making them a risky gamble in some situations.
3 Have some skills be rarer than others, or even only available from a single boss. If a player wants to fill out their skill list, it should take work and effort. That is, after all, how Square-Enix handles its Blue Mages- tracking down every skill possible is a quest in itself, and not an easy one.
Hmm...perhaps I could simply keep the skills you learned stored somewhere, but you can only equip up to 5 or 6. I don't want to give drawing a chance to miss because I've always hated that kind of random gameplay. I do have some skills that you can only get from bosses, but I could just have later stronger enemies use similar skills.

EDIT: Also, 5 skills won't be permanent. That number will definitely increase as you progress.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
I guess my comparing Lee to a Blue MAge is incorrect, as Blue MAges learn by being TARGETED by attacks, thus randomness is a good balance there.

I like the last idea- you can draw as many skills as you like but you only have space for a limited number of skills in battle. That'll bring strategy into the mix, as you may need to scope out the weaknesses of creatures in an area, then equip skills they're weak against. The question is whether Lee can swap skills at any time or if he can only do it at save points... I'd prefer yo allow healing skills to be used in the field regardless.
Hello NicoB. I first of all just wanted to let you know this game is the only reason I come back to this site.

Second of all, regarding Lee's skill thingy. I think that a far more effective method of making some skills rarer than others it to have some enemies have the same skill to learn, and to have some enemies have two possible skills to learn, only one is harder to get. Perhaps when the enemy has a lower health the player has a chance of getting it, or it could just be a random thing, like how Pokemon has random abilities. One skill is the more common one learned from enemies, but only one or two enemies of that particular species has that one skill. Also, there should be some indication that this enemy has that skill, mabye a higher attack power, a different magic attack, or perhaps a different coloring.

Now, on the the bestiary. I for one would love to have that thing in-game, for there has been some cases where I was left wondering the diet and weakness of some enemies, and had to waste a Scan Crystal to relearn myself on the subject.

Another neat feature I would consider adding is a visible health marker for some enemies, such as a number to the side or a health bar always visible. Things such as that would allow battlers to plan out there attacks better. Here is an example...

Say the player is facing a Flepper with only Epoch. Normally I would just use Neo Slice, but say I attacked it with a normal attack, and a healthbar above the Flepper dissapears a third. I would then use that knowledge to figure out that for every Flepper on Epoch's current level would take around three hits to defeat, something I don't consider long and would feel fine defeating with solely normal attacks, and I would earn much more spirit points as a bonus.

Which leads me to my next piece of advice. When I get that spirit move unlocked, it replaces my regular attack. Thusly, in order to not waste it on regular enemies, I am forced to use magic attacks until I come across a hard enemy or boss, and the spirit points I would be getting are wasted.
In other words, I would suggest having the player be able to store the spirit move somewhere else so that they could continue attacking and still have that spirit move.

ANOTHER thing I wanted to point out is that battles with the Lost seem overly dependant on Alexander's Holy Blast to progress quickly. It's too dependant on magic. I would suggest just increasing the attack of the Crusaders to make it easier to defeat the Lost with physical attacks without having to wait ten minutes. I don't know about other players, but I feel rather helpless when I can't defeat enemies with brute force and am forced to use over-powered magic attacks to defeat the most common of foes. It makes me seem like I'm too underleveled when I can't even grind to level up. It's rather frusterating.

Alright, that's that. I still think this is an amazing game, just fix up those problems!
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Glad to hear the game is coming along! As for your EXP question, I prefer if all party members gain the same experience, so that if I choose to try someone new later on I won't have to go through the excruciating process of grinding them up to par just so I can see how they play and what skills they have.
Alright, sounds good. I will go ahead and give them full EXP then.
NicoB-san 'w')/
Can you send all the stuff you need to be done? I might not be able to be online for a few days but I can do them in a few days and send them to you later, just need to get adjusted.