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Winner of 2010's Most Promising Demo Misao

2nd Place in RPG-atelier's Project of the Month of June 2011

Winner of RMRK's Project of the Fall Season 2011

"Forever's End appealed to everything I love about RPG's...I couldn't recommend it enough." - Little Wing Guy
"It has a genuinely gripping storyline, and I cannot wait for the next installment of this game...I literally want it right now, and if you play this game, you'll see why... " - Fallen-Griever
"{FE} has some spectacular and engaging characters and dialogue to make for a compelling game experience."
- Solitayre
"This is a game!" - dragonheartman
"...this game is great and is on my list of most wanted games. It's a must try." - Tyranos
"Seriously...this game is pure sexual magic." - Feldschlacht IV

Plot Overview

In the world of Linguardia, the nations of Rikalia and Dorent are the reigning powers. Although both leaders have been at peace for centuries, a dark cloud is on the horizon. King Richard, leader of the Rikalian Empire, has recently lost his wife and daughter to a pack of demons. Now, his mind twisted from grief, Richard is on a quest for domination. His plan: to harness the power of the six legendary crystals, which, according to scriptures, will bestow the wielder with unimaginable powers if brought together. With Richard on a path of destruction to collect the crystals, war seems inevitable.

Players take control of Epoch Lander, Captain of Richard's Dragon Knights, an elite force within the Rikalian Empire. However, when Epoch begins questioning the morals behind Richard's actions, he is arrested for treason and sentenced to death. With his head full of unanswered questions, Epoch must decide whether to accept his fate or fight for what he believes to be the greater good: even if it means fighting alone.

TV Tropes page available here!

Latest Blog

Soundtrack Complete!

Jose has just finished the last two songs of the soundtrack, bringing the OST to a grand total of 36 songs. With those final two, the Forever's End soundtrack is now complete! I really have to thank Jose for all the hard work he put into these songs. They all sound fantastic, and I can't wait to release the next episode with them implemented. Great job, bro!

Do know though, there are a few songs that will be included with the game that aren't custom. Not many, but a few, mainly because some of my cutscenes were already built around these songs. However, all of the ones included on this gamepage are the custom ones composed by Jose.

With the soundtrack complete, I thought I'd list out a few of my personal favorites. If you have any favorites, please comment and show Jose some love.

Traveling - Overworld Theme

The Reprieve

Dangerous Wilderness

The Death Knight - Marcellus' Theme


Journeying Forward

Cutting a Path

In the Heat of Battle - Boss Theme 2

A Dying Planet's Last Breath



from what ive seen...

the graphics are simply astounding - they fit perfectly
the font used is brilliant (i have to use it - its public right?)
the introduction is superb...one of the best ive seen in a long time. it is very atmospheric and the music is amazingly fitting.

well thats all ive done so far. Soz i was meant to be doing my history assignment and i almost got caught when my mum came down to get tha vacuum cleaner...

I'll have to play more on the weekend then!
Hey thanks alot! I hope you find the rest of the game to be as enjoyable!

EDIT: And yes the font is a public one originally created by East. Feel free to use it.
Cool stuff, Dec. Let me know what you think!
I'm having trouble with the font. It's all squished, and changing it to a different font causes it to change back after a minute or so.
You need to install the font I included with the game, called MS Echoes. There should be a ReadMe file that explains how to do it.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
I agree about being able to "Store" the spirit move or access it through a command- how about "up" at the fight command? However I don't quite agree with Ciel about giving characters not in the active party full experience. My suggestion, as a compromise, is that characters not in the party receive half exp from allies- so characters can only benefit from characters they've met.
Hey man, long time no-chat. Hows your game doing? Did I miss anything? I always keep up with good stories. :D
Hey ShiveringWind! It's going well, man. I've been making some awesome progress these days. Focusing mostly on maps and cutscenes these days and I have a few new screenshots/blogs posted. How's your own game coming? Did you figure out Power Mode?
Well... I have erased most of the game since I didn't connect to the story that much, and the CMS turned out to be way too complicated. I ain't gonna start a new game however, I'll just make it shorter and with a simple story... As for the "Power Mode"; What exactly is it? :O
It does a bunch of different things, such as allowing to make RM2k3 custom menus.
Nice! Could send me a PM with the link?
I'm pretty sure I did before....but it's still in my locker, so you can download it.
puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
I totally didn't just spend an hour doing this:

Sorry for bastardising those sprites. They match your banner okay-ish, though.

EDIT: Oh, this is for a Riot Grrrl map... in case you were confused!
I totally didn't just piss my pants when I saw that and think that was the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

PS. I fucking love you.
puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
It looks better with everything around it. Didn't realise how small it was since I've been looking at in on x8 zoom for the last however long. MSPaint ftw...
Happy 1000 downloads! I saw 999 and clicked on it.
Haha, thanks!

Wooo! Party time!
Hey NicoB I have been really enjoying your game. However I don't want it to end yet! Is there any update on a completion date?

Well...probably not for a little while. I plan to release maybe one more demo at the 60 percent mark (this demo is maybe at the 25 percent mark), sometime in the future. Maybe at the end of the summer if I keep up the momentum. I've been making some good progress. I will let you all know once I have a date set in my mind. Thank you for you interest and I hope you enjoy the rest of the demo!