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Original Soundtrack

  • NicoB
  • 08/03/2011 11:01 PM
Original Blog Title: OMG NB has an OST for his RPG FE!

You read it right, people. I now have an Offline Store for my Rocket Propelled Grenade Fire Extinguisher. In addition, I'm also getting an original soundtrack for my game.

Alright, I changed the name of the original blog post because I think my acronym jibber-jabber was turning people away.

I'm receiving help from a really talented composer by the name of Jose Moreno, aka CastorOnline, who has offered to help me for a very reasonable price. Jose is a Mexican composer whose experience includes transcribing partitures, making arrangements for school orchestra, composing the Chrono Trigger Medley performed in cafe iguanas at 2009, composing many themes for various independent games, and composing music for local filmmakers (short films). I was really impressed with his style after listening to his older works; and seeing as I was looking for a composer for my game, I decided to snatch him up before YDS some other user got the chance. In less than a week, he's already finished four songs for me, and I think they're fantastic.

Here are three of his most recent songs:

I've gone ahead and created an OST tab on the gamepage that has all of the songs he's created for FE, which I will update periodically, in addition to a playlist on youtube. I'm really happy with what he has composed so far, and I look forward to continue working with him. I've heard a lot of people say that my game's music was too recognizable and could really improve from a custom soundtrack. Hopefully, these new songs will help improve the game's image and its originality in the eyes of the player.

In addition, Jose is also making his own RPG Maker game in VX called Emerald Chronicles: Castor Wars. It isn't currently in English, but the main characters are beavers, and that should be enough incentive for any gamer. You can check it out HERE.

Let's all show Jose some love.


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Wow, since I first played FE, you've come a long way. Tbh, not the greatest appreciator of OSTs myself but I'm sure they'll fit in well within your game. :)
I'm really glad someone picked him up...! It'd be nice to see more of this happening around here, and the OST seems to be coming along really well so far.
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