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Thanks to Rebtand for the logo!

(Full disclosure - this isn't really my project - it was concieved by SuperYoshiRex64 - but I've done a lot of work on it to get it to being half-completed)

Proof of permission: http://m.imgur.com/5PocN4C

Story: A legend tells of a Yoshi who will help Baby Mario and Luigi in the future to stop Bowser and his Koopa Kingdom, who will be the child of Princess Yoshi of Yoshi's Island Kingdom. Kamek, Baby Bowser's caretaker, sees this in his magic ball and kidnaps Princess Yoshi, the kingdom's star treasury, and for good measure the 8 Yoshis who rescued Baby Luigi. King Yoshi calls upon two orphaned Yoshi youths to rescue his daughter. Will Blue Yoshi and Green Yoshi be able to defeat Kamek's goons and defeat Baby Bowser?

Gameplay: Play as either Toad or Link in a classic Mario adventure that features all the hallmarks of a SMBX episode - Collect 5 dragon coins, classic Mario enemies, SMB3 styled everything - with lots of Yoshi's Island twists - Kamek making enemies giant with his magic hammer, 6 worlds with 8 levels each, YI dragon coin and goal sprites (with goal text!), and more.

-Two playable characters, with more potentially added
-2 giant bosses per world
-48 levels in total
-A large variety of level makers who I've asked to use levels from
-LunaDLL features like Football Chucks that throw bouncing footballs, bosses with changed HP values, multiple sections of autoscroll, and more
-One secret exit and item/hint house per world

More screenshots will be added once Worlds 2 and 3 are finalized.

Want to submit a level? Look on the Level Rules page! Thanks a lot!

Latest Blog

World 2 is done!

World 2 is done and the screenshots have been uploaded!