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A wild developer (finally) appears!

  • Vis_Mage
  • 10/06/2018 05:53 AM
Hey, long time no see! :)

So, college and general adult life has proven to be about as troublesome to progress as you'd expect. A lot has happened this past year, stuff that I won't get into here, but I wanted to pop in to address something.

Progress might be going slow, but it is happening. During the time since I've taken over development, I've become far too emotionally (and financially) invested in Pokemon RMN to ever think of stepping away. I just wanted to re-ensure anyone who keeps an eye on the project that progress is still being made, and I have no intention of that changing.

With all that said, there are a few things I'm hoping to gather feedback on regarding the future of the project...

1. In lieu of some recent events, I'm starting to think it may be a good idea to start distancing the project form the Pokemon brand. By this, I mostly just mean changing assets (and possibly name, down the line) that directly come from Pokemon. This does open the doors to some interesting new environments in which the game could take place. I've toyed around with the idea of a Pokemon game set in a medieval-fantasy setting before, could be interesting. Eitherway, this would mostly just be a cosmetic change, and wouldn't affect gameplay.

2. Probably the more pressing of the two. I'd like to gauge what the opinion is on making changes to some of the Pokemon themselves. Since I've started developing, I've had a dozen or so people critique the game for me. I had them take notes while playing through the game thus far, and for those who wanted to (a bit over half of them), I set them loose on the wiki to give their thoughts on each Pokemon. It was really interesting (and fun :) ) seeing how they responded to each Pokemon's design and stats. What I did notice, though, is that there was certain things would be brought up by nearly all of them. Here's my dilemma, from a developer's sense, I feel I should address these points that were regularly brought up, but on the other hand, I'm a bit apprehensive to make changes, given the history of the project.

But with all that out of the way, I'm hoping to finally start being more active around here, like I had wanted to all this time. Hope things are going well for everyone. :)


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I would have more makerscore If I did things.
In regards to #1, absolutetely, what with Pokemon fangames being shutdown by Nintendo (As well as Pokemon Essentials too) making it not a "Pokemon" game but a monster-catching game is perfectly fine in my opinion. The most important thing would be the new name.
Real Monster Network
Radical Monster Nabbers
Ramshackle Mob Nexus

Renaming types would be fairly simple if such a thing is necessary: Fire-->Flame Water-->Aqua etc. and calling it attributes instead of types works.

For #2 the first thing I wanna know is what was said about which monsters?
Otherwise, keeping at least the concept of the Monsters in tact is the bare minimum that should be kept when making changes.
Count me in, if you need some help.
I don't think you need to go as far as renaming "fire". Not using the tiles or Pokemon name would probably be enough to keep it off Nintendo's radar.
#2, I'd love to know what your colleages said. Pretty much. I think the same as Seiromem, at least keeping the concept intact.

As for #1, at first I thought changing the setting was too much, but if someone is remaking the tiles I guess he/she/it/dog/cat can do as he/she/it/dog/cat pleases. I just think though, don't overwork things. The project is big enough as is.

As for name, uh maybe something dumb like RMNmon?
I think it a good idea to change the name at this point since Nintendo put the final nail in the coffin by shutting down the pokemon script and probably start the clean up on all the left over fakemon games.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
For the changes that were being mentioned consistently, I think they're worthy of discussion here.
Glad to hear the shift from the Pokemon brand seems well received. With so many fangames being shut down these days, I think it's the safest bet for the project. Currently working on getting some new tilesets ready. I'll be sure to post from screenshots once I get everything squared away.

As for the changes, I kinda agree with the sentiment of keeping the original design intact. For the most part, the three suggestions that came up were either:

-A few name changes, for some that weren't easy to figure out by reading it.
-Stat/move changes, probably the thing I'm least worried about making changes with.
-Design changes. The main thing I'm hesitant to make changes to.

I have them as handwritten notes at the moment. I'll get them typed up into a document, and release it here later.
I agree about changing the brand to something not Pokemon, especially if you don't plan to add all the other previous mons.

I think if you went that far though, it would be great to also streamline the element system. Maybe just have six or seven types.

As for changing the Pokemon themselves, it depends what you're changing. What was the frequent point brought up for most of the Pokemon? Were they all stat/balance related?
Alrighty, here's the document so far: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IPO9vzUWwO2aYXiBB-0f5w1v6t2skmtZ0WJ-3xy-aaI/edit?usp=sharing

Just to note, I've only put things brought up by multiple people so far. I might add a few more when I get the chance, if there's interest, but these make up the main points brought up. Looking back, I probably made it sound like there was more things brought up than there really are.

Let me know your thoughts. :)
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
Hmm, regarding the name change request for my mons, I'd...really rather not. Inkling is a play on words of it being a creature of ink and the literal meaning of the word 'inkling'. We're divorcing ourselves from Nintendo's IP anyway, so their Inklings should have no bearing here.

Loblotomy is just a mashup of lobotomy and blot, but I think it's fitting enough. I don't want to sound dismissive, but I'd like to hear a more compelling argument first.
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
I really don't like the idea of changing the name if the original names aren't garbage or don't make sense. (which at this point, they all aren't bad and make sense)

(Mine)Giving Caltrap/Tricalp a secondary ability of Arena Trap is cool with me.

For Chi-Yim, such a change would alter its concept; it being able to use its extreme control over its power to always hit with low-accuracy moves like Focus Blast or Thunder, and is a neat way to make a Special Attacking fighting type a thing.

(Mine) I'll admit panix is cute and clever, but omen doesn't really fit the concept. It is a tormented soul trapped in an urn for all eternity; Irritus(Void) + Torment= Irritormen.

Shredax: In this case, such a stat change wouldn't go against the concept as it was simply: Rock & Roll/Metal Pokemon (it in fact was considered to be a rock electric type or Steel/electric type, but the x4 weakness to ground made him not want to do so.) Either way, a bulky electric type with a lot of power would still fit the concept, I think.

We've had the debate over afropup before. It takes inspiration like Ludicolo or Hawlucha do. This time, as a groovy disco star.

Plugla: Oh brother, vanilite and trubbish... yeah yeah, unoriginal, it's just icecream blah blah just trash blah blah. Either way I think Plugla is clever, the only thing I don't like is the feet. They should be thin metal prongs to fit the concept more. And the evolution is brilliant, actually; a Totempole where the faces are Plugs; I mean we've all seen faces in sockets before, yeah? It's really nifty and quite hilarious, which a Pokemon can very well be and still be liked.

Changing a name just because you couldn't pronounce it... that is far from a compelling argument. Besides, you can pronounce it however the hell you want so long as the other party knows what you're talking about. In regards to Bologoo, good! A funny name can be a good name! Same with Littlefoot and Bigfoot, but I too find them to be a little on-the-nose. (Mine)Reneglade name change rejected(glade? as in an open field/meadow?); alternate proposal: Reneglaicier.

Also in regards to Gnomkin and Dwarkin... *those* are high stats? Yeah, they're pretty solid all around, but 4 base 80 stats just isn't that good, those are considered average at best. Now, if you're doing a sweeping stat change to lower the general threshold for the entire game to avoid huge power discrepancies within the available mons, that's another matter altogether.

I'll let the creator defend Heaven if they wish(If they're even still around?), and I don't care about the religious connotations, but the name doesn't make much sense at all.

Oh, so they like 5 different colored goofy blobs as a design but not a silly-faced totem pole socket. Either way, having the option to be more than a ditto clone is something I like the idea of, and the Skill Link thing is definitely a good one.

Yeah, the whole megaman resemblance with bitron was intentional, I believe.
Of course Toribush is the fan favorite, he's the grass type starter. (biased)
I found most of the name changes based on hard pronunciation I find totally okay to pronounce myself in my head. Especially Acaricide. Like regicide or sth. Just with Acari (akari / assari) in front. Sure, two options, but that's fine by me and both are cool to pronounce.Gnomkin and Dwarkin too (like dwar as in dwarf and -kin as in kin lol), ok Gnomkin I would go the German sounding "gnom" like gnolle, which is a slight change from gnome. I remember two different takes on Tidus already *shrugs* That cool to me. Is that just me? Anyone here having comments on that?

I don't know about the other names (I mean, they were the user submissions, so unless blatantly offensive or very confusing, it'd be nice to keep them even if there would be a maybe more polished sounding one. the tongue-in-cheek one really made me chuckle tho hahaha, that's so this place, I think it fits). It'd be nice if the creators can comment on it.

Balance always sounds nice to tweak, tho I know way too little about the genre : D

PS: Yes. Toribush is the best. Of course it is.
Fair enough points.

Having not been around during the original submission phase, I wasn't actually sure how names were decided, although from the sounds of it, they were decided by the original creators. In that case, I suppose I'll leave the final say with names to the creators, assuming they're still around.

Reneglaicer sounds pretty good, if you're alright with it.

I kinda figured balance changes wouldn't be of much issue, but thought I'd ask either way. I didn't include small suggestions such as new moves. I've been keeping a changelog though, so that I can get the wiki up to date prior to the next release.

With us stepping away from Pokemon, it does open some interesting new opportunities too, such as adding/changing new moves into the game. Same could be said for abilities, but those are quite a bit more difficult to get working. I'll probably start by introducing some signature moves, the starters will get them for sure, but I'm open to suggestions.
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
I'd like to know more about planned balance changes, so I can consider the ones for my mons more clearly.

Having each mon get a signature move might be a cool idea; not always something extreme or obviously better than other moves, but nifty little things you might want to use them.
By the by, the starters already have signature moves I believe; Joubush has Iron Lance (Steel Type Double Edge), Serempity has Siren's Song, and Dragablo has Hellfire.

Also, some non-starters already have signature moves: Seradder has Serrated edge(Higher power lower accuracy Iron Head), the Legendaries, Carvora and Atardis(How was the reaction to them?) have Imbibe and Material Rend, and Candle Blast for Zhilong (Multi-Hit Fire Special) are the ones I remember. I also think there was a lower powered auto-freeze/50% freeze attack for Antipode. Oh, and I think something with atavism? A Psychic type move that is super effective on steel types, due to the line's huge association with magnetism.

So, for example, Dirangers might get Color Code, which works like Conversion but cycles between 5 types (if that's even possible to do). Another example: Irritormen gets a damage dealing ghost/dark type trapping move. Funkound getting a fighting-type dance move. Etc.
Oh man, I've thought this was dead so many times that I've been pretty divorced from the project mentally. Glad to see it's still being worked on, and shifting the theme away from Pokemon could be pretty cool if it isn't too much work.

As for my mons, I guess I should be flattered that none of mine got flagged with suggestions haha. Still, if anything does need to change, just run it by me and I'll most likely be okay with it. Balancing issues especially are important, though iirc I was pretty conservative with my stats. Anything that helps this game get done at all is great, really.

Oh, and I also think the Plugla line is fine. Every Pokemon monster catching game needs a doofy inanimate object inspired creature that people love to hate on!
Shredax - Proposed stat change from fast physical sweeper to a slower tank

Well in the world of electric guitar shredding, the faster you are the better you are. So that is kind of the core concept of my creaturemon. I would prefer he be fast. Weather he's a tank or sweeper(whatever that means :P), doesn't matter. Just as long as he shreds fast!!!! Like, top tier speed in the creaturedex. Whatever else you gotta do to his stats to balance this is fine, as long as it doesn't make him irrelevant. Maybe give him something unique to electric types that would give someone a reason to use him. Maybe something to balance his shortcoming. I dunno. Just fast. Yeah man.

Matthew may have an idea on that.

A fast tank would be interesting, no?

Shred guitar or shredding is a virtuoso lead guitar solo playing style for the guitar, based on various advanced and complex playing techniques, particularly rapid passages and advanced performance effects

Guitar = Axe
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
Hmm...perhaps Shredax could be statistically slow, but have a signature move with priority? Or an ability that gives priority to electric or sound moves? Just some ideas.
Statistically fast is what I want, though.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
It's a balance thing, though. If it's going to be bulky and fast, then its attacks will have to be relatively weak to compensate. You can't have everything, or that makes it broken. Besides, doesn't fast shredding have more to do with arm speed than foot movement? Having an ability that gives priority to electric would be unique and make it less of 'just another electric type'.

Just my take on it, though. Your say is what goes with your creation.
Whatever else you gotta do to his stats to balance this is fine, as long as it doesn't make him irrelevant. Maybe give him something unique to electric types that would give someone a reason to use him. Maybe something to balance his shortcoming.

I didn't ask for everything. Just that he's fast.
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