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In the small village of Woodspell something is about to happen that will set into motion the events that will change the fate of the world. A strange man has arrived to talk to the village elders, what does he want, and who is he? Why would he come to such a small village?

And just what is the importance of these crystal fragments?

Join a minstrel from the small village, and her friends as they travel to the edges of the kingdom of Amara and across the length of the continent of Vallenfell on a quest to stop the wizard Lucian from wreaking devastation on the world.

The Legend of Amara is being made on my twitch stream and is kind of being co developed by the viewers. This game isn't going to be any master class of story telling, but I do hope you will enjoy playing it.

Latest Blog

Brief fix of a bug.

Just a quick update, apparently, Ace decided not to save some of the changes I made to the demo just before release. I fixed this and everything should be working as well as possible . Continue on.
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  • LorSquirrel
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 09/16/2014 10:44 PM
  • 02/08/2019 12:49 PM
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Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Someone kill me. My sister sabotaged the game while I was compressing the data -_-. I'll upload a fix after my sister mysteriously disappears.

Now that there is a new Demo....what dastardly thing have you done with your sister?? :(
*Leans back mysteriously in chair until face is partially covered in shadow* Sister? What sister?
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Based off the demo V0.8

random thoughts

intro female lead yay!


i got a job! wonder if there was a different one i could of did?

sexy battle sprites

sexy lvl up screen!

that spider battle was haaaard! and i was prepared!


-Female mc/and her personality
-the choices some of which do have effect on more then just a little dialog
-the dialog a bit amusing at times.
-doors being in places other then the south end of a house(could use a arrow script tho.
-getting to "train" with Alan
-lvl up screen
-skill names/lore behind them


-not being able to read that letter
-the battles got pretty boring after a while there was a fair amount of them slowing you from progressing the story which is the important part.
-not being able to save after the boss battle.
-not being able to access the item shop
-lillian breaking her characters role,she was so set on staying home for certain reasons and she is the one who wants to chase some stranger to a different city!?
what happened to being worried!?
-Any grammar issues

at this time id w8,like i usually do until a project is completed.
personally don't like coming back to projects finish and move on ya know.
so at some point in the distant future.
if i come across this completed title id give it another go.
for now pass : D
Lillian is more supposed to be impulsive, or spontaneous. She does care about her family, but if something seems like a larger priority, she'll focus on it almost to a fault.
Feel the troll of that love/secret/angry/anything possible letter. No one shall ever truly know what it contains within it.
Thank you for your thoughts by the way. I'm a little sad that you won't be around for most of the updates, but I look forward to your opinions when the game is complete.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
no comments since then eh? shame :3
so how far along is the game now?
I'm currently working on developing Act 2, refining and adding to Act 1 and fixing any bugs that come around. So It's going good, just slow. Still need to go back and readjust the combat for act 1, though... I'll go do that now.
Act 1 and 2 are going to be more linear. 3 is going to be more open along with 4, and 5 will probably go back to being more linear, but not as much as 1, or 2.
Demo 1.1 eh? Glad to see you making progress!

I'm going to be completely honest with you, and I won't hold nothing back.

Starting with the good. I love all the additions you made to the UI, and the quest log is a nice, but cumbersome touch. I feel like it takes away from the scenery, but just a little bit.

The character sprites, and portraits are amazing. I can take your characters a lot more serious than before. You executed the first town's story in a very interesting manner. This approach suits your characters well.

Conversations with party members, and an affinity system? That's pretty gutsy. You're already thinking about that replay value eh?

Now for the bad...

You sick twisted little squirrel!!!

Why would you make Mp based attacks using items!? Even if you sold those crystals for 1 Valeors each, it would be too much. I understand you wanted to implement something unique, or different for combat, but this ain't it. The way I think of it is. 50 valeors a spell... Go home LorSquirrel you're drunk.

The slime's physical resistance is annoying especially with the problem mentioned above. I'm all for games that make you think with strategy, but when I think of every battle costing me 100 valeors on slimes, it's a bit counter-productive.

I really think you should reconsider the crystals. It's like the draw system from FF8, but worst because of the fact it still costs mp.

Leaving on a positive note. You really are making progress, and I hope to see more from you.
I've been thinking about changing the way the quest log looks, but that may require changing out the script I'm using for it. Still looking into it.

I really wanted to show a little bit of what a normal day was like for the people of the town, or at least what it's like for the characters. I feel like a did a decent job, although there are things I wish I had the resources to do differently.

Yes. I am thinking about replay value at this point along with several weapons, armor and quests that will only be available if you take certain paths later on. The party conversation were pretty much added in on a whim at first, but they will become a bigger part of the game as it goes on.

Well, the main thing with the Focus and Channeling stones is that they are actually part of the story and the world I've been writing that Vallenfell exists in. I will say that they most likely won't be getting removed, but I will say that there is a point in the game where they fall in how often they are used, and that I am thinking of cutting down their cost for the act 2 release. And even if I don't. The MP cost will become negligible as the game goes on, and replaced with how long it takes for spells to be cast.

Well. The way I looked at the slime was like this: How do you kill a gelatinous blob? Smash it? It would splatter for a moment and reform. Stab it? It's a gelatinous mass, what the hell would stabbing it do? Cut it in half? It would most likely split into two. Shoot it with and arrow? It would eat it. Basically the only logical way I could think of killing something like that was with magic.

Thank you for taking the time to come back and give your opinion again. I hope to see you come back around again for the act 2 release.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I've seen this page on a few occasions, and thought about giving this a try each time. Maybe after Act 2 comes out?
Act 2 will a month or two out, so if you decide until then it will be awhile. Just feel free to play, whenever.
This game looks really promising LorSquirrel, haven't checked anything out yet aside from the screenshots

* Character portraits, enemy sprites and font are amazing
* Character sprites are an interesting choice, in comparison with all the chibi sprites out there
* Map design and assets look really enjoyable as well; I see some reused npcs and tile decorations (nothing wrong with that though)
* Battle system looks interesting

Best of luck with development!
(P.S. if you need a proofreader for whatever reason feel free to pm on here)
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Not sure about anyone else but I sure enjoyed Chapter 1 :)

A few grammar mistakes ain't nuthin' :)

Good story, good graphics, some funny interaction between characters....
Maybe a little to much talk and not enough action :)

But overall, I'm ready for chapter 2....and 3 :)
Thank you Linkis. The game still needs work, but I appreciate the compliment.

Chapter 2 is coming along now. It will be longer than chapter 1 in total, mostly because this is the chapter that introduces the overworld and side areas that you can investigate and explore. Chapter 2 will have more combat to do, both optional and story important, and the chapter will be called The Ageless Blade.
Short demo, 1 chapter. There is one decently large town and one dungeon. I played on the challenge mode and it took me a bit longer than the estimated time. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of requiring a perishable item whenever you use a skill/magic spell because that basically means that any non-regular attack costs money to use. The axe guy has an uncomfortably high miss rate on his attacks AND skills. Because of these points, the combat in this game wasn't very fun. And I didnt even mention the physical resistant taunting slimes that slow every fight to a crawl...
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