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Promising, perhaps abandoned


This game was originally in development back in 2006 when RPG Maker 2003 was still the latest and greatest. The developer lost all their files to a disk crash and thought that was the end of it, until discovering in 2014 that a friend still had a copy of a battle system demo.

That demo is the download available on the game page.

In 2015-16 there was a chunk of work done on re-building the game and expanding it into a full length (6-8 hours) game. Hints of what this game could have been can be seen in the two youtube videos linked from the game page and the game's blog.

Reading between the lines, the author has moved on to work in Silicon Valley and doesn't have time to continue working on this. (I understand - sometimes a development job takes all the fun out of development as a hobby)

Gameplay Impressions

The battle demo shows off an action RPG (ABS) on-map battle system with two playable characters, one using guns, the other swords and magic. It's unpolished and has only one enemy type, but taken as what it was intended (a prototype tech demo), it's not bad.

It would need some polish and a key "debounce" (sometimes keypresses register twice) in the menu.

There's only a few minutes of gameplay including exploring all the options.

Art impressions

From the videos and blogs, there are custom sprites and hand drawn (parallax) maps. These look good, but the videos are captured at a low quality so it is hard to see the details.

Some images can be seen in good quality on the portfolio page of the artist SpriteV who worked on the game.

Music impressions

"Echoes of the Mind - Main Theme" from the demo is a vocalist singing without lyrics. It's absolutely perfect for a supernatural horror game, one of the few times I've enjoyed the title music of a game and just let it sit looping for a couple of minutes.


Santiago, if you see this, please consider sharing what you have as an updated demo. It looks like a game people would enjoy.

I have not scored this review, as the 2006 demo is very far from what was being developed in 2016. There's little reason to download it unfortunately other than the soundtrack.


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Jack Daniel's Evangelist
Thank you for the kind review. The demo is an old demo published in 2006. I am still working on it, be patient and thank you!
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