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Progress Report

Status Report

There are quite a few things that I want to work on for version 0.26, and it will take a few more days to finish them up. Here's what I'm working on right now:

In Progress:
- Polishing the maps by fixing inconsistent tiles and shadows. Also making sure that there are no unintentional paths into the walled areas. (Completed around 70% of the maps)
- Polish dialog. Will not be adding or removing too much in this iteration. This is just to look through the dialogs that I currently have and fix whatever spelling and grammar errors I can find. (Haven't started)

- Added "To Title" and "Shutdown Game" options back into the menu (with confirmation)
- Made minor changes to some maps' layout.

Future Patch:
- Adding more dialog for supporting cast of characters
- Consider adding more flexibility to character's level progression. Current idea is to reduce the number of usable weapon types and magic proficiency for each character down to 1, then add a feature where every 10 levels, they can choose to gain a weapon proficiency, magic proficiency, or a stat boost. This will be a major change so I want to put more thought into this before I start implementing.
- Consider ways to modify "save station". After some though, I can't allow players to save anywhere they want. The reason is that I've encountered some weird tiling issues when I do that. There are some specific tiles that will cause a glitch if I save and then load the game. Some floor tiles will become impassable. No clue why it occurs, and I haven't been able to fully fix it.
- Consider limiting the number of spells a character can learn. Will also implement a "Forget" action so characters can forget spells they have already learned. This is to address the issue where in late game, the magic menu becomes so cluttered that it's hard to navigate through.
- Consider adding a mechanism to respawn all monsters immediately.
- Tweak boss fights to make some of them more unique and fun.

Progress Report

Version 0.25 is up

This is a quick update, mainly to address the "dead sage" issue.
I've also went through the list of items and skill descriptions to make them more consistent.
I also went through the monster line-ups to make area attack snd row attacks more useful. I will have to spend more time here in the future, but it should be okay for now.

Next up, I will go through the maps once more to fix any inconsistent tiles and shadows, and also remove any "debug" events that I forgot to remove.
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