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This is a list of characters that will show up in the game.

Name: Akahr Nazner (Age: 21)
Birthday Sept. 20
Height: 6'

Akahr is a fairly young, but oblivious warrior. Nevertheless, his skill in battle is unmatched. This limits his magical use, however. Unlike the original Dragon Kingdoms, Akahr will only learn tier 1 and 2 spells. He makes up for this with increased strength and HP stats.

He started out on this journey trying to disprove the existence of a giant that many people have insisted that they saw.

Name: Thomas (Age: 19)
Birthday: April 12
Height: 5' 9"

Thomas is still a rather young traveler, yet already knows some powerful ice spells. He starts off okay in battle, but quickly falls behind in the brawn race. He seems to be a close friend of William's, and thus Akahr gets into arguments with him early on.

Name: Jonathan (Age: 23)
Human/half-elf hybrid
Birthday: November 3
Height: 5' 11"

Jonathan has a bit of a checkered past in his homeland of South Quashin, and thus seems to be rather emotional. He can be said to be an effeminate male, spending much of his time taking care of his long purple hair, and wearing bright orange and pink armor. He wants to find a traveling party to join to take him away from his misery.

Name: Daniel (Age: 22)
Sibernian humanoid
Birthday: July 27
Height: 5' 10"

Daniel lives in the frigid lands of Sibernia, far to the north of the Quashin continent. Only a few hardy types of plants and animals live in that region. As being part of a sub-species of humans that thrives in the cold, Daniel detests the heat, such as fire spells and deserts. Fire spells will thus do much more damage to Daniel than other members of the party.

Name: Alika (Age: 21)
Birthday: May 16
Height: 5' 6"

Alika loves plants. So much so, that she wears a bouquet of flowers around her neck and also on her head. Therefore, she doesn't like cold weather too much, basically the opposite of Daniel. She lives in a small seaside village called Carleton, in the northeast part of the Quashin continent.

Name: Maria (Age: 24)
Human/marine hybrid
Birthday: February 19
Height: 5' 5"

Maria lives in the western part of Engleland, near Westshore Town. She loves the water, and therefore learns powerful Water spells. She is said to have a love that lives across the sea, in a castle fort...

Name: William Guiles (Age: 30,000+, 15 in Gigan years)
Gigan (a type of Giant)
Birthday: March 24
Height: 80'

The youngest of all the characters mentioned, yet has lived on this world longer than the rest of them combined, William was found in the Lakeside Cliffs area talking with Thomas. He knows about Akahr and his mean ways, warning him that if things don't turn around, that he will throw him to the Frigid Sea. Despite saying that, William isn't the type to want to hurt people. Later on, he saves the party from several situations.