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Cancelled...but I PROMISE there's a good reason

Hi All,

I obviously haven't touched this game (or many of my games) for a long time. And I know it sucks for me to come back one day and go, oh, I'm cancelling this one. But, unlike the others which I am not cancelling, I have strong reason to do so here-- there's an official game that captures pretty much exactly what I wanted from this game, which is Dissidia: Opera Omnia for mobiles.

Now to clarify, its a gacha game, but it's one that is very very generous and I have not 'needed' to spend a cent.

You can have pretty much any party combo from a good 75% of the entire FF cast, the gunblade is classified a 'greatsword' and not a 'shortsword' meaning you can, as above, equip Squall with the Buster Sword and it's dope AF, the characters interact fantastically and if you're as big of an VIII fan as I am you'll appreciate the below:

TL;DR why on earth would i make this game when I can play a game that's just-as-good-if-not-better, for free, on my mobile, without putting any work in? Go play Omnia, you won't regret it


*plays the Final Fantasy victory fanfare*

The prototype is up! It is obviously in its very early stages, but you get a sample of the team's dynamic and their early skillsets, and a tantalizing preview of future skills you can obtain. Expect mapping glitches and bugs (In fact I just remembered one, dang) but it should give you a good idea of the overall tone of the game.

Please do note that it starts a fair way from the actual intro (there are two intro sections-- the first with Cloud, the second with Hope & Squall) and both of these are skipped. It dumps you right in with little explanation toward the circumstances in the demo I've uploaded, so if it feels a little disjointed that's why.

Progress Report

Status Report 14/3/15

I don't blog all that much in regards to my game dev any more (I like to have something significant to talk about? But then again what I classify as 'significant' and what others do tends to be quite different), but I figured I'd do a blogpost on the general state and progress of this game.

I have not been working on it actively for very long. I got back into developing it about a week to two weeks ago. Before that point, only the basic stepping stones of the game were completed (Cloud's portrait and battle sprite, some of the scripts, a test on portrait display).

That means what I've displayed in the profile is mostly from this time period.

Aside from what I've displayed visually, the cast's weapons and skills are databased (but do not have their correct stats or damage implemented-- I'm still figuring out what works and what doesn't with the CTB). The characters have their stat growth pretty much finalized, as well.

A number of things need revision-- Hope's portrait is NOT the final one, since I ended up just fudging a lot of the anatomy as RS!D's date got closer (plus he is missing his introduction outfit portrait). I am not a very good mapper, it is one of my weakest aspects when it comes to visuals (namely with tilesets, but I've had my shitty moments in SLH too), so most maps will be getting revision and going through feedback loops before they're finalized. At the moment I am trying to get some actual progress and gameplay in the works. As it currently stands, about 15-20 minutes of the game is in a playable state, and it is missing the official intro.

The official introduction requires some complex graphic work, so if I do release Eidolescence's prototype, which I am very likely to do because I want a bit of feedback on the class dynamics going on between Squall, Cloud and Hope, it will be missing the true introduction segments and starting a bit later at the Drifting Spires.

For now have some fun facts.

If you have any questions about the game (I certainly haven't answered everything here) please let me know and I'll give you a rundown.

As a final note, Eidolescence exists because I wanted to make a game where Hope was playable, and it seemed like a good excuse to also include true Squall and Cloud. I don't have any games with canon Squall and Cloud together in them. I've written about it a lot on my Tumblr, but in short and simple terms

-Hope had combat and chocobo riding data in XIII-2, which was reserved only for Noel and Serah, aka TRUE party members and not summoned ones like Sazh and Snow. So at some point, XIII-2 had a full three-member cast, with Hope as the third member travelling with Serah and Noel. Obviously the plot changed and Hope was given an important NPC role, but I'm still annoyed.
Also really annoyed about his de-aging in LR.
-Squall and Cloud are canonically friends (see KH2 and Dissidia) and symbolically have motifs that back this (All of their themed Keyblades either nullify each other's abilities, or complete each other stat wise, the Fenrir and Griever motifs are strikingly similar and Fenrir was added after Squall's creation). This unspoken, read-between-the-lines friendship between them is something I want to see more of. So I'm writing this.

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