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Bugs are bad! But no game is completely free of them. Please submit any bug reports you may have here. Please include a detailed description of exactly what you were doing to trigger the bug, and if at all possible, a screenshot of the error message received if the game crashed.


I had an error during a battle which is connected with the Targeting Arrow script: if a character is just targeting an enemy during their defeat animation and during the same animation the player will change the target that tageting arrow script messes up and RGSS Player stops working.
If that's VE Target Arrow I may have a fix for that. I vaguely remember experiencing the same thing in FFD and getting a bug fix for that problem.
Ugh, that's no good. I'll have a look. No errors are thrown out, just a RGSS3 crash?

@Wcouillard: Yeah it's VE Target Arrow. If you have a fix and could share that'd be awesome, would save me a bit of time fixing it myself. Thanks!
I'm having a hard time reproducing the error, as soon as a monster dies, the cursor immediately moves to the next on its own. Any tips on how I can reproduce this, or if you're able to do it can you send me a screen of the error if a script error is given?
I noticed if you petrify someone with the stoneblade you cant finish a battle and you have to run away
Ack, that's no good. Petrified enemies are supposed to be considered killed. Let me fix that up, and I'll get it in the patch I'll be putting up later this morning. Thanks for the report!
I'll take a peek in my code later and hope that I commented where I fixed that issue.

As for Petrify I used to have issues with crashes when a battle ended due to an enemy being under a "considered dead" state so I ended up just making the next physical damage against a petrified enemy "shatter" it and kill it normally. You could try something like that if the same type of problem arises.
Awesome, thanks! I'm having a hard time reproducing it so I really am not sure exactly where the error is occurring. When I try to do as Noel described, the cursor just moves to another target without incident, or won't let me target the enemy at all.

That's a pretty cool way to approach it. I just changed it so that when Petrify is added, if the target is an enemy, the "Petrified" state notice pops up, and then the enemy immediately dies afterwards, which is basically how it works in most FFs. Your approach is definitely visually cooler, though.

EDIT: New patch will be up tonight so I don't have to release 2 patches on the same day.
Not sure what to make of it but it's weird: I defeated LM-17 in the desert area of the final dungeon and it supposedly dropped a bow called Yuichinoyumi or something like that (either way it had a Japanese-sounding name) and when I checked the menu I couldn't find it. It doesn't appear at all in the menu.
It should be under key items, it's not actually a bow that can be equiped.
Oh, you're right. But what is its use then?
Oh, you're right. But what is its use then?

See spoiler:

It's a fluff item. Yoshida's in-game character persona was that of a Bard, and this was supposed to be his weapon. It just represents that he's in some sort of trouble essentially. I think there was another key item of his you got as well.
uh here is the original reason:

I asked Rydia to place it in there a long freaking time ago, it's kind of a joke from a long freaking time ago and it has to do with FFXI.

My friend Frostfire was working on his relic bow (Yoichinoyumi), but he was one of those players who was cheating, duping items in Salvage, and he got hit during the great Salvage Bans (the ban code being LM - 17). He was on his final stage of his relic, he turn in all his currency, and he was waiting on the quest to actually get the bow when he got banned.

There is an NPC in Ashieeton stage 4 that I almost completely forgot about named "Frostfire" and he has some base text put in there, about how LM - 17 stole his bow. It was mainly a placeholder for something that I was going to put in there, but never did because I forgot about it (its all miss-spelled and everything as well).

This morning I placed something in there to complete the quest, because I honestly just totally forgot about it. After the patch tonight there will be a little reward that you will get from giving the bow back to him.
Yes, there's at least one other item: Yoshida's Ring which converts 5% of damage dealt for your HP. This could be a decent relic for Gradd, provided if I'd bother to use him.

Oh~! It appears that there's more to some things than it originally seems to. ;)
Hey Noel, I don't know if you saw my previous post but is there any way you could reproduce that error and show me or tell me what the error was exactly? I am unable to reproduce it and I'd really like to get it fixed in this patch. ;;
I'm not really sure. It happened just this once so I'm not really sure if I could reproduce it on purpose (usually bugs are discovered by accident and intentional reproduction may be hard). But I'll try.
I was fighting with Ultima in a bonus dungeon and the going was getting tough and I switched party members to prolong my survival and in the second "wave" of characters I used I included Divinus. When the battle was getting to start really painful I decided to cast Return and I got the following message:

Script 'Game_Interpreter' line 1412: TypeError occured.

can't convert nil into Array

I presume it's because I changed the characters mid battle and the game didn't respond well to that.
Orz, Rydia is not gonna be very happy about that one. We thought it was fixed (I got that error plenty of times myself through testing) I guess it is still broken. I'm sure Rydia is gonna work on the script later tonight to get it to work... we have also considered just disabling switching during battle as well since it has been a pretty persistent bug that keeps on happening. We will deal with that as soon as possible.
Sorry for the trouble! The issue has been fixed and a patch has been put up in the downloads section. The issue was actually with the clearing of a variable that did not need to be cleared. Good thing it came up though, because Return was also causing a memory leak due to a undisposed window when the battle restarted. This has also been fixed.