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Bugs are bad! But no game is completely free of them. Please submit any bug reports you may have here. Please include a detailed description of exactly what you were doing to trigger the bug, and if at all possible, a screenshot of the error message received if the game crashed.


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Help! When I leave from Undead Castle and go to Gurgu Pass, this people block the way, also I can't take the ship back to Castle Aquaria nor anwhere, what shall I do next?
Is this before or after you have beaten the boss in the castle? You should be able to head to the port where you got off to take the boat back to Aquaria at any time. If you can't there's definitely something wrong. Gurgu pass becomes available after you beat the boss in the castle.
I have found the problem, when I ride a chocobo to the port, I stop the chocobo at the port step, so I can't get in the port.
Nothing major or game breaking, but in one of the Garuda's Peak caves (the one right at the bottom?) you can go outside of the map by walking straight down as soon as you're transferred in.

Edit: This also occurs in the cave with the treasure
Oh yikes, that'll be fixed asap! Thanks for the report.
This time, a game breaking bug -.-
In the Gurgu Pass, I'm fighting a group of 5 scorpions - I've killed 4 but now there's just one that's stuck there. It doesn't die and it doesn't attack, so I'm locked in combat.

If it helps, I used the Wide Volley attack and kept using the glove that allows other characters to steal before this occurred.
Can you still run away? Wide Volley specifically has been causing problems, but I thought they were fixed, apparently not. I'll have a look at it.
I believe I have found and fixed the issue. The latest patch has been updated, give it a shot. I tried Wide Volley in several situations and it didn't cause any problems. Sorry for the trouble!

You're incredible - many thanks :)
In my second playthrough i was hunting GilBirds(love them) and was backattacked by one,Ashiee hit it directly and it disapears but 0 Gil and the battle text:Backattack dont go away its up there all the time,even on world map.Blue background with text Backattack is stuck even when a new attack coming,it doesnt go away.Strange,i hope you can understand what im trying to explain.My English isnt the best.

Want to say :This game is so good,i dont know how to explain How good it really is.Thank you for putting this masterpiece together.
Have you patched your game recently? This issue should have been fixed a few patches ago. Let me know if it still comes up if you have the latest version, though. And thanks for the kind words! =)
I found a bug where you can multi-target with single target healing items, like potions and ethers. It's not that bad, but it allows players to exploit it with elixirs, essentially making them megalixirs.
Did you have a Salve Ring equipped? And is this any character or only certain ones? Just testing I am having a hard time reproducing it.
Nothing gamebreaking but in Jipang
in front of entrance to hidden passage its a NPC that twinkling ,like one second there the other not there.
And when i escaped at the same time a backattack came the words Backattack ,with blue background ,doesnt go away after the fight.It was there til i close down the game and start again,just go to title and start an save doesnt help.

In entrance to Mielo it was also an NPC twinkling,the girl that goes to the cave right after.
I got the latest patch/version.
Just wanna let you know.
EDIT:The NPC in Jipang shows up on different places all over the place not just with the entrance.Strange.Like one second far to left,the other to right,the third somewhere else..
Ok, that's weird... I'll look into it but the old back attack message should be completely gone... I don't know what is still causing it to come up at all.

I'll look into those NPCs also, no idea what could be causing that...
Ok, I have completely removed the script that was responsible for the popup issues so that should be fixed now.

As for Jipang, did you begin the Phoenix quest by speaking with Goldbug at Port Enaya? If so, that's related to that and intended. If the NPC doesn't stop doing that after you finish the quest, that's a problem.

As for Mielo, are you referring to Magissa? She was disappearing and reappearing? Sorry for all these questions but I am having a bit of a hard time narrowing it down.
Not sure if this is a bug or something else altogether but I tried downloading this game on Chrome. It blocked it saying that it might possibly be malware or something like that. Any idea what the deal with that is? More specifically why it's doing that since it doesn't feel like there's anything wrong with the game.

I'd like to try this as someone that's a fan of FF and having played FFXIV ^^;;
Hmm, it's probably just saying that because it's a .zip file. Sometimes browsers will just block .zip files as a safety thing. There's absolutely no malware or anything of the sort in the game. If there was, I'm sure that one of the 2500 people who downloaded it would have said something. =)

If you're unable to download it, let me know and I can link you a mirror that might allow it. Sorry for the trouble!
Did you have a Salve Ring equipped? And is this any character or only certain ones? Just testing I am having a hard time reproducing it.

Sorry! I forgot to mention it was happening outside of battle in the inventory screen. And I didn't have a Salve Ring on.
Found this one today. For auto-battling the guards just past the Sahagin.


link below if image doesn't show.