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  • wotgAshiee
  • Added: 05/28/2015 03:32 PM
  • Last updated: 04/19/2024 12:48 PM


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Hey hey, the ol' World Map tileset. Curious, I'm no longer using it in-game for FFD since we changed the way travel is done, but did you ever edit it to have better mountain autotiling? The last version of it I released with the old FFD demos still had messed up mountains.
I ended up hand tiling all of the mountains in the world map. We didn't really have anything that autotiled correctly.
Yeah FF4 PSP's mountain tiles were coded to tile some other way because it was like, impossible for me to figure out. I tried. For months.
I mean, I probably could make an auto tile set of the FF4 PSP tiles but they probably wouldn't look as nice
Yeah, the mountains are a hot mess in that game's world map. Totally using FF5's if we do another game, haha. FF6 mobile's world map is just textures and not tiles so those are sadly no-go. The FF4 mountains tiled in blocks of 4 or 6 if I remember right, with like... 8 different edge tiles. I'm not sure it's even possible to make any sort of a decent autotile out of that.

I got Ash to make some autotiles for the coastline, but they really didn't look as good as the actual proper tiles so we didn't use them. Other than that we did some edits to give snow and desert areas unique mountains, and then created coastline tiles for snow/desert. We also had to rip some extra forest tiles and a few other things. We also have some kinda ghetto rivers since there wasn't any room to use the actual river tiles in the animated tiles. :/

Most all of the FF4 sets, and also the other mobile FFs seem like they really just have to be laid down by hand. Which is fine, it makes for way, way nicer maps than anything autotiles could do, it's just a lot more time intensive.
Well it was well worth the effort in my opinion. But I gotta ask...which audio track plays when the airship is engaged? Did you go with the one from FFIV, FFVI, or did you revamp the music from the original FF? I'm seriously hoping to hear the music from the original since you guys used a revamped version of the same music that plays in the Volcano in the original FF. I was so tempted to just go on a huge FF1 binge after finishing that area and getting the Fire Crystal lol

BTW I noticed that the Mielo cave looked quite similar to one of the dungeons in FFIV in appearance right down to the entrances and exits for each floor...and the music inside it was the same as well but also sounded revamped..did you guys by chance use some of the music from the FFIV sequel that Square put out that was titled "The After-years"?
I hate to disappoint you, but the airship track is from FF8. It's probably my personal favorite airship theme in the series. The volcano was a clear choice though, since I also stole the name, haha.

That's because that area uses the tileset for the lodestone cavern from FF4CC. I always liked that cave design with the bridges and such. The music was from FF4 DS, it plays in a couple of different dungeons.
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