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Might wanna just leave this guy alone...!
  • RydiaMist
  • Added: 05/28/2015 03:32 PM
  • Last updated: 06/26/2022 07:23 PM


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I'm a bit curious.
How did you get the enemy list?
Or rather, how did you go about getting that layout at the bottom?
You mean the window on the left, or the UI in general? It's all mostly just heavy edits to default windows with several new ones for stuff like Defend/Row, MP cost in the skill window, changing gear, showing statuses when targeting, etc. The window on the left, if that's what you mean, is essentially just Window_EnemyList (the one that appears when targeting an enemy in the DBS) with any interaction bypassed, just always on display.
Yeah, see I ALMOST have that, but I can't figure out how to do the enemy list as you've done. Is there any way you can share more information on how you got the enemy list to bypass and just always display as you've done?
This is all I have managed to do.

There's no time gauge because I'm keeping it turn based.
I just need to figure out how to do like you did with the enemy list.
Are you familiar with RGSS3 at all? I could just give you my script but it probably wouldn't work right as I have a lot of windows behaving in non-standard ways. I also need to know what other scripts you are using. Are you using Victor's Target Arrow or a similar script to accomplish your targeting?

I'd start by copying Window_BattleEnemy, and then making a new window class. Something like Window_EnemyList (I got the names backwards in my last post, sorry about that). From there, you can just go to Scene_Battle, and have that new window be shown all the time. If you need help with setting up the window, let me know, though I'll admit I'm a pretty lousy teacher, haha.
Actually I am very family. I mean I did what you see above.
But actually, all I had to do was DL your game and look at the scripts.
I'm sure I can figure it out eventually. ^_^
In the future though, if you don't want folks opening your game and seeing this sort of thing in the editor, you may want to create an executable.
I think it's called compress or something. That is if you rather folks not go into it and see how things are done.
Lemme know if you need anything.
I like to help with stuff.
Oh, I don't mind if people want to take a look under the hood, as long as they can deal with the fact that my scripts are a complete and utter mess of undocumented edits and strange interdependencies.

I actually intentionally didn't make an exe. The first version was giving people a ton of extraction problems, so I just said screw it and zipped up the game folder, haha.

Let me know if you need help figuring anything else out, and thank you for the offer! =)
Nop, not gonna run from you. Eat a break.
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