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Grist of Flies made it into the RPG Engine Prize!

It's a pleasant surprise for sure! I'll be splitting the prize with a local hero of mine who without I wouldn't have been able to complete Grist of Flies for the contest. She let me crash at her place so I could work on it full time, and it looks like it paid off.

I wasn't expecting to get this far on the day of the deadline, and a part of me is glad the butterflies can now roam free. A big congratulations to those who entered the Top 3, and those who were able to snag the other prizes alongside Grist.

Still plugging away whenever I can on the extended game. I've revamped everything I wanted to change, only now needing to create the rest of the new dialogue, then I'll be continuing the story from where it last left off and into its general conclusion. At my current pace, I predict it'll be done by the beginning of 2016. I plan on keeping most new visuals under wraps until then. The game can still be considered completed as is, but subscribers will see more in Grist of Flies' future.

Thank you to everyone who played my contest entry and enjoyed themselves. This was all for you.


Grist of Flies has made it into IGMC's Top 10!

Link here: http://blog.gamedevfort.com/igmc-top-ten/

It's hard to find the words, honestly. I've been working off and on since the contest has ended, refining things, adding more to the game to give the story more chances to shine, and then this announcement hits.

I've personally played only a couple of the other games on the list, and out of those I played my favorite was Free Spirits.

Anyway, there is more in Grist of Flies' future. Some things to look forward to after the contest:

- Making the dungeons more interactive.
- Randomized events that give recruited characters more chances to shine that'll add replay value to the game.
- A continuation from where the game left off. Will you hold yourself up inside the safezone with your team + new survivors, or will you try to uncover the mysteries of the world's dangerous new circumstances? It'll be up to you to chose which fork you'll take Nina down.

I'm excited to see where the game making journey leads, and hope to add some screenshots sometime during the contest results.

Stay tuned, fellow makers of the game, and those who play them.


Developer interview up on Gamerbolt.

Just finished being interview by Gamerbolt's Dakota Barrett; those interested in reading can find it here:

The IGMC was an interesting experience. I learned a lot of things, and even though a new RPG Maker will be coming out either at the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016 in the US, I plan on using what I learned to make one more Ace game. If I don't add onto this game, I'll at least be giving it one more major update once the contest's judging comes to a close. Hope everyone's having a fun time with their own projects!


Making the game more balanced in the player's favor.

I've been debating whether or not to increase squad stats other than HP/EP by 1 per level up to keep regular attack more viable while mitigating damage a bit more.

I'm making this to ask for the player's opinion on the matter. Was the game too hard to go through? Even if it wasn't, would this change have made the experience more enjoyable?

If the majority wants the game a little bit easier I'll put this into effect for the next download update in the next day or two, depending on how quick responses are.

Someone's game crashed once, but wasn't able to replicate it. The next update will fix that completely. Still have yet to fix the EP trailing zeros, but I've pinpointed where the problem lies.
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