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Generic RM2k3 RTP Gaming Fun!

I always wanted to make that game based on everything I enjoyed as a kid. This is the end result.

Hero's Realm creates a super-synergy of proactive features to create a gaming experience greater than the sum of its parts.

Lead four heroes and their teams against the evil forces of Mephistocles, the Lord of Demons in this retro-RPG adventure. Toggle between the four heroes as you explore dungeons, ascend towers, spelunk caves, save villages and defeat the forces of evil! Reminiscent of classic RPGs such as Dragon Quest III and Final Fantasy V, Hero's Realm is a fun romp in old-school RPG nostalgia.

-22 character classes (12 base classes, 4 hero classes, 3 secret classes, 3 master classes)
-TONS of game content and sidequests
-Classic NES-era and SNES-era RPG gameplay
-Great music
-Multi-party switching system (like Kefka's Tower in FFVI!)
-Multi-party tactical battles (at least 5 of them!)
-Massive world map

The story is split into 5 chapters, with each of the first four chapters focusing on a new hero, and the 5th chapter bringing them all together.

Chapter 1: Won't Somebody Please Think of the Children?
Chapter 2: There is Something Fishy Going on...
Chapter 3: Land of the Rising Son
Chapter 4: True Calling
Chapter 5: The War on Terror

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Download and unzip this file. Install the fonts in your C:\Windows\Fonts folder.

Hero's Realm has a TVTropes page.Check it out.
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Hero's Realm: Heroic Expedition

Calling all heroes! Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition has launched its gameprofile. Further updates and announcements and requests will be made through this new gameprofile. Follow along there if you are interested in the revamp!

So long and thanks for all the downloads!

  • Completed
  • kentona
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 06/25/2007 11:50 PM
  • 08/14/2017 01:17 PM
  • 06/19/2009
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In the second floor bedroom, there is a switch on the wall blocked by a cat. Wait for the cat to move out of the way and flick the switch to reveal the stairs on the main floor.

also, metal enemies?

i recall seeing silver squirrel dudes that were hard to kill. i assume they are god exp but i dont remember which well they are down.
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I added a quick bugfix to allow Jokers to change class to a Daredevil at level 20 like they were supposed to be able to.

Get the fix here:

Paste the map file into the main folder for Hero's Realm and overwrite the existing file.
Hey Kentona, where is the information on the "Prismatic Book" that you get from the Queen of Jardin at night time when she asks "Can you promise me that you will guard this relic with your lives?" and answer "No"? I could not find anything on rpgmaker.net or your game site for Heroe's Realm. I am wondering if you teach the spell "Prismatic Burst" then upgrade your character to a master class, will the spell still be learned? Or do you have to wait until after you have upgraded to a master class to teach the spell? Are there other in game stuff not mentioned by you or anywhere else on the web I should look out for?

Edit: I tried saying "Yes" with a previous save and I got "ring of the ancients". I can't find information on accessories on your website under "equipment". Adding an accessories section under "equipment" on your website would be greatly appreciated. Is it possible to get ring of the ancients in another way if you had said "No" for the prismatic book instead?

Edit: Can you fix the "Worldmap Globe" on your website? It leads to a 404 not found error.
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You can get only the Ring of the Ancients or the Prismatic Book. It's an either-or situation, and there is no way to get them in any other way iirc.

Also, I can't remember if changing class will make the hero forget Prismatic Burst! I am thinking that it would be forgotten! Which would be a bug. I will make note of it.*

I have seem to have lost my accessories list. I will see if I have a backup of it somewhere and upload it.

As for the Globe, the files were on a very old server (two server moves ago) and I might have lost them. I didn't make the globe. It was very cool though. I will try digging around some backups I had to see if the files are there. HOWEVER, when Java was updated to version 7 (iirc) it required that all programs executed be verified else Java would refuse to run it. The globe was using an old version of Java that didn't have that requirement. So to get it to run you have to add an explicit exception in your local Java settings, otherwise it treats it like some sort of malicious code and gives the user ominous warnings about it. Maybe I can find that source code and fix it.

I am about to go camping for 4 days though, and won't be back until Thursday night. So Friday at the earliest!

Thanks for playing!

* I went and took a look. Only the Hero Classes can use the book and learn the spell, so it's okay. Regular 'heroes' can't learn it.