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-A side-view battle system
-A lot of funny references to other games
-A classic RPG story with a few plot twists
-A funny and entertaining story
-pictures of the characters in battle
-NO random encounters!
-Epic Music form many games
-You can choose a male or female gender for your avatar.

This is an RPG about a adopted boy/girl named Zero who on his 14th birthday learns that his father, who is assumed dead until that day, is alive. But also on that day Zero's sister, one of the few people that loves Zero, is kidnapped by a shadow sprite named Vixi. Vixi plans to use Zero's sister to allow the evil king Anois to use the power of the seven golden gears to grant his wish to rule the universe. Will Zero be able to stop Anois, save his sister, and to fufill his destiny to (maybe) save the world?

Latest Blog

So guys we did it, we fixed Zero Gear Fighters

This may be a surprise to you all, but I have actually updated my first publicly released game, Zero Gear Fighters. I originally released this game in 2015, and since then have grown a lot as both a person and a gave developer. As the game still stands, it's still crap, and will always be crap unless I remake it from scratch. (which I plan to do after Meteo Chronicles)

However, I CAN make it LESS CRAP, and the first step is actually making the game playable. For some stupid reason, I deleted the previous version of the game every time I made an update, and even more stupidly I deleted this piece of my history from this site. This caused previous versions that ACTUALLY WORKED to no longer be available, forcing people who didn't already have the earlier versions (which was probably about 200 people worldwide) to play the broken version 1.3, which was 100% unplayable past the second dungeon due a mapping/eventing error.

When I got a new laptop in late 2018, I couldn't transfer over any files and instead has to work from scratch. This meant that any of my old games before the original Generic RPG Quest III were lost to time. (and the switch over contributed to getting GRPGQ3's files corrupted, but that's a whole other story)

However, I just thought of something today while browsing though google images. "Wait, I have both Zero Gear Fighters and Dragon Ascension on RMN. Maybe I could download the EXEs in order to get back the files?" I did so, and it worked! I immediately started on fixing ZGF to at least the point that it was no longer unplayable before releasing the new version 1.4 up on this website for any curious soul to enjoy all it's cringe-filled content without issues.

Right now I'm still working on Meteo Chronicles, which serves as the first game in the "Chronicles of Chronicles" series. The trilogy that it's in, the "Meteo Saga," serves as a hard reboot for my first three RPG Maker games: Chronicles of Light, (unreleased, files are possibly lost to time) Zero Gear Fighters, (recovered via RMN) and Dragon Ascension. (also recovered via RMN) Right now I'm working on v0.2 of Meteo Chronicles, and after I finish Meteo Chronicles I will work on Zero Gear Chronicles and Ebony Chronicles after that. Hopefully I will be able to finish Meteo Chronicles before the end of this crazy summer. Stay tuned!
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  • 10/23/2015 11:56 PM
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Engineering to infinity!
Oh my goodness. The latest version has quite a lot of game breaking bugs. I had to access the game's source code (since it shipped with the project file) and fix them up, something that the user shouldn't do! And I'm surprised that you could make the game with the maps all over the place. There's no sense in the hierarchy, resulting in searching quite a lot, just to find the exact map where the bug was triggered. Try to place them in a neat and easy to understand hierarchy. In addition, the eventing is messed up, especially on the girl's story, where the most bugs are shown. The game also lags when it loads the MIDI files. Finally, the fights are ok, but they need more work.

Hopefully your future work will be better than this. This (in it's current state) feels like a prototype, and it shouldn't have been released. (Apologies if I sound rude.)
I like tights! They're comfy and easy to wear!
I was planning to delete it anyways and make an remake in the future, so yeah... XD

Edit: Also by Saturday I will release the biggest update for dragon Ascension yet. I fixed early-game balancing. Lots of Bugs fixed, and multiple sample maps redone (yeah, I was a noob when I first started this game :P) Some maps are also edited to make it better. You can now access the elder's house in Ciron Town. I also added two new party members and 2 new secret bosses. (good luck beating the superbosses LOL :P)
the game freezes after i defeat vixi. i know i kinda messed up and downloaded the default file in the download button, but it still freezes after i downloaded the v1.4 file and moved my save there. does this mean i should try replaying the game again from scratch?
I like tights! They're comfy and easy to wear!
Sorry about that. I made this game in like 2015, so it's really old and outdated, and quite honestly, really bad. I think the glitch you mentioned has something to do with playing the female character, as for some reason after fighting Vixi the game soft-locks if your playing as female Zero. I'm not really in the mood to go back to a really old project that I've long abandoned just to fix it, so you can either quit here (don't worry you're not missing much, there's like one room after where you are.) or if you really want to you can restart the game as male Zero if you really care so much about the "lore" on Universe 5, which was destroyed in 2016 AD-CT (Celestial Time) or 6216 VT (Val Time) by the wrath of 1000 Balrogs after Ryuuta (Universe 5) fought against the wizard NotGandalf who destroyed the world. I'm sorry for your loss. However, I have excellent news for you. By the end of November 2020, I will have completed my game Meteo Chronicles, which is better in almost every way to the trash your currently playing. (hopefully) Right now the current version is bugged, but I'm releasing a patch today that will fix the game. Then once I'm done with Meteo Chronicles, I'll start work on Zero Gear Chronicles, a complete re-imagining of this game. The plot has been completely reworked, mechanics are completely different, character names have been changed, and the lore has been completely redone. It will be the second game in the Meteo Trilogy starting with Meteo Chronicles and then continuing to Zero Gear Chronicles and then Ebony Chronicles. It will also contain two spin-offs: Crypt Challenge DX (which is complete but needs to be reworked into v2.0, my first priority after finishing MT) and Meteo Chronicles 2: Darksteel Saga which probably won't release for a long while. (MT2 takes place in a AU after the alternate ending of the first MT) Stay tuned!
i actually played as male zero. i was thinking to replay the game as the female version to see any changes if i really have to restart the game, but i guess i don't have to do it anymore. i understand where you're coming from though; there is no reason to go back to this game if you plan to revamp it.

anyways, it's nice to see that you're still planning to improve this game and keep on making games to improve your skills. having played dragon ascension, the game that you made after this, i see that you have made some improvements. focus on making the game that you're working on. i see that you have great plans ahead of you.
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