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-A side-view battle system
-A lot of funny references to other games
-A classic RPG story with a few plot twists
-A funny and entertaining story
-pictures of the characters in battle
-NO random encounters!
-Epic Music form many games
-You can choose a male or female gender for your avatar.

This is an RPG about a adopted boy/girl named Zero who on his 14th birthday learns that his father, who is assumed dead until that day, is alive. But also on that day Zero's sister, one of the few people that loves Zero, is kidnapped by a shadow sprite named Vixi. Vixi plans to use Zero's sister to allow the evil king Anois to use the power of the seven golden gears to grant his wish to rule the universe. Will Zero be able to stop Anois, save his sister, and to fufill his destiny to (maybe) save the world?

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My old games have been re-released! But…

Good news, I was able to get both Zero Gear Fighters and Dragon Ascension re-released on RMN! Problem is a lot of the game's databases were altered in dramatic ways, making them pretty much completely different games. Currently, no new updates are planned for either game, but I will try to release MV versions of the games before the end of 2019. They will be the same games, just with updated visuals, some gameplay tweaks, and the final update of Dragon Ascension releasing. Thank you for following me though my many breaks and I hope you have a wonderful holiday break!
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  • 10/23/2015 11:56 PM
  • 04/16/2019 10:36 PM
  • 10/23/2015
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Engineering to infinity!
Oh my goodness. The latest version has quite a lot of game breaking bugs. I had to access the game's source code (since it shipped with the project file) and fix them up, something that the user shouldn't do! And I'm surprised that you could make the game with the maps all over the place. There's no sense in the hierarchy, resulting in searching quite a lot, just to find the exact map where the bug was triggered. Try to place them in a neat and easy to understand hierarchy. In addition, the eventing is messed up, especially on the girl's story, where the most bugs are shown. The game also lags when it loads the MIDI files. Finally, the fights are ok, but they need more work.

Hopefully your future work will be better than this. This (in it's current state) feels like a prototype, and it shouldn't have been released. (Apologies if I sound rude.)
I was planning to delete it anyways and make an remake in the future, so yeah... XD

Edit: Also by Saturday I will release the biggest update for dragon Ascension yet. I fixed early-game balancing. Lots of Bugs fixed, and multiple sample maps redone (yeah, I was a noob when I first started this game :P) Some maps are also edited to make it better. You can now access the elder's house in Ciron Town. I also added two new party members and 2 new secret bosses. (good luck beating the superbosses LOL :P)
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