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Disclaimer: This game is very challenging and requires a lot of attention to detail, strategic game play, and character equipment/skill management to succeed!

Current Version: Final Release v1.1.2

The genocide of the magi has begun. The Empire has spread it's reign around the globe. Why now though? After all these centuries of peace, why would the Empire want to eradicate the magi from existence? Is it truly out of fear for the powers that magi can posses, or is it something far more sinister...?

Eternal Twilight is an old-school styled fantasy RPG with a Turn-Based battle system. I have made much use of the plethora of amazing scripts that Yanfly has created for the MV system to bring a battle system that is familiar, yet original in its own right. I am a firm believer of quality over quantity when it comes to designing a battle system and the types of skills a player has at their disposal. The battle system in Eternal Twilight features the following:

  • Unique weapon/armor system, where enemy drops will "randomly select" a rarity for the item dropped, granting bonus stats to that item! Legendary Bronze Sword anyone? YES PLEASE!
  • Intelligent enemy AI that will keep the player on their toes. The AI will respond according to the player's actions to make sure "LOL-SPAM ATTACK" will lead to the players demise.
  • Five unique character classes, each with a vastly different play style than the last!
  • Skills come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from Instant cast spells that don't consume the character's turns, to very powerful attacks, buffs, and heals that have cooldowns, making sure the player strategically chooses when to use certain abilities.
  • This and much more!

Eternal Twilight Discord Link:

Latest Blog

Eternal Twilight v1.1.2 is LIVE!

Hey everyone! Long time no talk! Just chiming in to say that I have uploaded Eternal Twilight v1.1.2, which just addresses some balancing/difficulty. Okay byeeeee~~~~ :D

=== General Balance Changes ===
* Non-Boss enemies have had their MaxHP reduced by about 5-10% across the board.
* EXP gained from all non-boss enemies has been increased by +5% and all bosses now reward +%10 more EXP when defeated.
* The DEFENSE stat has been slightly buffed, reducing enemy damage by about 5% more than before.
* Soul Trigger has been buffed: Stat boost increased from +15% to +20%, MP Cost reduction increased from 10% to 20% reduction, and TP regain increased from +5% to +10% per turn.

=== Character Changes ===
* Barrage and Raining Arrows damage increased by 5%

* Holy Fire damage increased by 10%
* Smite damage increased by 5%

* Wind Chi damage increased by 5%
* Gaian Tide damage increased by 10%

* Wound and Body Slam damage increased by 10%
* Shadow Strike and Obliterate damage increased by 5%

Dev Notes: Some of you may be wondering: "Why make the game easier now?" Well, I take great pride in the difficulty and balance of Eternal Twilight, but I also know that the difficulty can and is turning away a good amount of players. To make the game more approachable for the more casual player, I decided to tone down the difficulty a bit. I put in so much time, love, and effort into my game, and as a dev, I WANT people to play it. If making the game slightly easier gets more people to play the game, then that's the price to pay! Ferny... over and out! :D
  • Completed
  • Fernyfer775
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Adventure RPG
  • 11/12/2015 10:09 PM
  • 04/29/2020 05:57 AM
  • 08/01/2018
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Awesome! I'm especially loving the choice you have to make per skill with the upgrading system. I had used the same in an old project but yours is implemented much smoother. I'll be uploading my own project soon enough and I hope it's a tenth as good as this.
First of all not to be rude, but I am as mad as heck at this game. I played it and cannot beat the first boss. It's not fair that you have to win the battle. Especially since the man's heal only heals one ally. It shouldn't matter right at a the beginning of the game. I will not play this until you make the difficulty of that battle easier. Sorry if I am being mean, or rude, but he battle is too hard. I want to get farther.
@Squallstorm: I am pretty pleased with the results myself. In fact, I'm thinking of adding more options for players for every skill. I got kinda lazy and rushed it, hence why they only level up once and only have 1-2 options. I am going to go back and add a minimum of 2-3 options for each skill, and possibly have a few go up to a 3rd rank. This makes is so that different players can essentially have different character builds, which makes every play-through unique.

EDIT: I have already upgraded the skill learn system to also add permanent stat boosts when unlocking a skill. This will also influence certain choices you make when upgrading a skill.
Example: Upgrade to this version of a skill and get +15 MaxHP or upgrade to the other version of a skill and get +2 Magic Attack? Weeee! ^_^
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
yeh, that's right Ferny...leave the hard choices up to us.
Let us decide how best to die... :)

gee, I really like leaving these little messages to upset the developers :)
I honestly love those hard choices. I'm trying to make choice the major theme of my next project, Legend of the Sky Ocean. I wanted to have a look at the JS codes but don't want to dig into your hard work so I need to learn javascript... xD
First of all not to be rude, but I am as mad as heck at this game. I played it and cannot beat the first boss. It's not fair that you have to win the battle. Especially since the man's heal only heals one ally. It shouldn't matter right at a the beginning of the game. I will not play this until you make the difficulty of that battle easier. Sorry if I am being mean, or rude, but he battle is too hard. I want to get farther.

A little help: Let Luna use Wyvern Strike and kill the soldiers first. This should take only 2 rounds. Damien uses Smite and switches to heal when neccessary (HP<50%).
Don't be scared to use your skills, you will be healed afterwards.
Hello all. I'm working on the finishing touches of the game before I release the updated demo to you all. I want to make sure there are no game-breaking bugs to be found before releasing it. I hope you're all ready for big boss #2! :D

PS - Parallaxing a 15 room dungeon has been so time-consuming, but it turned out ever so lovely! ^_^

Demo V0.1b is out and live, weeeeeh!
Whoo hoo! I'll be sure to play it and get back to you on my thoughts. :D
Oooooooooook, so time for my little piece of info. Keep in mind I play almost nothing but RPGs, so my feedback may represent the higher end of the spectrum as far as experience goes.

Presentation is amazing. The dungeons are creepy, and the music fits well. Battle animations are spot on, and I'm loving the story. WHO IS THAT BLOOD MAGE?

Uhh, as far as Muyan, I have a bit of a concern with the amount of battles and how much time they take. Keep in mind I love a good grind, but the amount of effort and time spent doesn't really add up to the reward in my opinion. Perhaps its because I'm purposely gimping myself and not using runes, but there is just a lotta combat. My suggestion is of course, subjective, and I'll play this game regardless.

Now for the boss feedback. Boss 1 is a pushover compared to number 2. Trish died twice to Megaton Punch. xD I loved how in your face this guy was. Made me feel like I was really facing a demon. Very, very well crafted boss.

I noticed there's a few doors and staircases here and there that are set to action button to trigger. Might wanna double check all those. (Only in the port and Muyan Tunnel)

Um... I love Trish, by far my favorite character. I love how the current trio acts together, and I sense a bit of a forming ship between Luna and Damien.

Overall, fantastic game thus far and I can't wait to see what you have in store next. Also, Ryudo please! :3 He's funny. xD
Thanks for the feedback Squallstorm! ^_^

I was actually playing around with the HP of the enemies within the Muyan tunnels and I too felt that maybe they were a bit high, I just wanted to get some player feedback on it before I made any changes. I went ahead and removed some of the enemies from the on-map encounters (from 2-3 per maps, down to 1-2 per map), which should help lesson the amount of battles, and also reduced their HP by about 15-25% as well. To counter this, I added about 1-2 attack power to each enemy, which will increase their damage output by 3-5 per hit. Random battles should be easy, but I don't want them to be trivial.

The transfer events are all set to "activate on touch", you just have to actually stand ON the event for it to trigger. Example, instead of just standing next to the doorway, you have to walk INTO the doorway for the event to trigger the transfer of the player from map A to B. Maybe this was a bit different than most players are used to in RPG MAKER games, so I've gone ahead and adjusted accordingly, oops! :p

As for Boss #2, I have some questions: for you on the balancing:
  • What level were your characters and what skills did you decide to unlock with them?
  • Was the boss too easy, hard, or just right?
  • IF you could make any suggestions on the boss, what would they be?

I am glad you're liking Trish. Not to choose favorites, but she's sorta my favorite as well, hahah. As for Ryudo, you'll be able to play around with him and his all his amazing melee animations in the next release!
I've very grateful for your feedback by the way, it helps me tons! ^_^
Oh ok, cool cool! As for Boss# 2:

I unlocked Crippling Shot, upgraded Wyvern Shot to cost less and had Frenzied Barrage as well with Luna.

With Damien I unlocked Radiance, upgraded Heal to be more potent, and Smite to deal more damage.

Trish has her Tantra upgrade, Poison Chi and Shatter Armor.

Everyone was level 6 and I found it to be perfect. I loved the challenge. I hope that all your bosses will be that challenging and make me think. Will you be adding more skills per character or are these the finalized skill sets?

Also, regarding the transfers, I wasn't sure. It might be creator bias since I'm always certain they're player touch. Regardless, can't wait for more! You're putting so much effort into this and I need to step up my efforts for Sky Ocean. Having seen everything you're doing I'm getting an idea to modify a passive skill system I'm using for another project.
Perfection. I balanced him to be beatable about level 7-8, with those who are savvy at RPG's being able to beat him at level 6. I am hoping I can make them all that challenging. ^_^ The thing that made Vygor so challenging is that the damage of his Megaton Punch got higher as his HP got lower. I will have to think of cool little mechanics like that for my other bosses as well.

As for the skills...I am unsure yet. Personally, when it comes to skills, I prefer quality over quantity. I dislike it when you have all these different skills that essentially do the exact same thing, except maybe cost more MP to do more damage or something. As of right now, every character will have 9 base abilities, and then later on in the game, they each unlock a special "combo" ability, that sorta acts like a "Limit Breaker" from Final Fantasy, resulting in 10 abilities per character. If I can think enough more cool abilities that aren't just clones of other ones, then I'll possibly add more.

As it is now, a character has to reach about level 30-32 to have enough AP to unlock and upgrade every ability, so there's no shortage of grinding there. Not to mention the "stat boosters" I'm implementing as well, where at a certain point in the game, you'll be able to use AP to permanently boost a character's stats.

Shoot me a link to your project via PM if you ever need some feedback! :)
Hi Fernyfer,
I beat your next demo and met a total of 3 Spirits (How cute!).
Two things happened so far:
- When starting a fight my game suddenly shut down without a error message (happened once in the tunnels)
- The Stun Charm didn't protect against stun (neither Headbang nor the Special Attack)
And please make sure (auto) dash is working again next time or make the walking speed higher.
I'm definitely RPG Savvy xD

I'm looking forward to seeing more what you're gonna come up with. I really am. I like that boss fights get more dangerous as the boss takes damage. Adds a bit of danger. Something a boss fight should have. I'm also loving the amount of in battle dialogue. It adds some flair.
@Firefly84: Great catch, that has been fixed! :p There are multiple versions of stuns in my game, I just forgot to make sure the charm protected against all of them instead of one, oops!

As for the crash, if you didn't get an error message, I honestly wouldn't even know if it was because of my game, or your computer. :/
: As for the crash, if you didn't get an error message, I honestly wouldn't even know if it was because of my game, or your computer. :/

I could be my laptop, but I only got issues like lagging or near freezes, no shut down, so far.

What means "handsy"? (in the dialog about going to the false guard) Couldn't find it in the dictonary.
Did you mean violent, unashamedly, impudently or impertinently?
It's slang for "using your hands to sexually touch or grope somebody."
So in the context of that scene, she is saying that if Ryudo tried to touch her in any sexual way, she would beat him up.
So, I've got Finals this week, and have been studying and writing papers since last Friday. I hope to get back to work on the game this weekend once all of this is over!

On that note, I did play around with the database a bit, and I was going to add more options for Skill Learning, but I would have to re-arrange the WHOLE skill database, the switches involved in creating the skill branches, and all sorts of other stuff, so I decided to just scrap that idea and leave it how it currently is. It was far too much work for so little gain.

Once school is over this week, I'll have tons of free time to work on the project, so I should be able to bust out an updated demo in about 2 or so weeks! ^_^ Cheers!
I'm not sure if you have been noticed that when you defeat a boss with the first character of the last round, all other characters finish their moves, even the boss.
This could be dangerous when the HP of some characters are low.

Killing Lagos/Ragos in one round (thanks to raining arrows and mother gaia): Got hit by demon gate before the events carry on.
Vygor hit the party with demon cleave after his HP = 0.

I kept my HP up so none died, but with bad luck the whole party could be wiped out even after defeating the boss...

Edit: When you really are implementing the legendary equipment, please do it for the next city. My graphic card isn't the best and the game is extremely laggy and I don't want to repeat the game to this state again.
@Firefly84: Bosses start the battle with "Immortal" status, and it's not remove until the turn that they hit less than 1% of their HP in order to prompt the little events where Damien uses his Banish ability. Until I can figure out a smoother way to handle this, I'm going to have to keep it the way it is. :/

As for the Legendary Equipment, I will implement it as soon as the plug-in writer completes it. He's been running into a few snags/bugs here and there, so I haven't even gotten it yet.