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Disclaimer: This game is very challenging and requires a lot of attention to detail, strategic game play, and character equipment/skill management to succeed!

Current Version: Final Release v1.1.2

The genocide of the magi has begun. The Empire has spread it's reign around the globe. Why now though? After all these centuries of peace, why would the Empire want to eradicate the magi from existence? Is it truly out of fear for the powers that magi can posses, or is it something far more sinister...?

Eternal Twilight is an old-school styled fantasy RPG with a Turn-Based battle system. I have made much use of the plethora of amazing scripts that Yanfly has created for the MV system to bring a battle system that is familiar, yet original in its own right. I am a firm believer of quality over quantity when it comes to designing a battle system and the types of skills a player has at their disposal. The battle system in Eternal Twilight features the following:

  • Unique weapon/armor system, where enemy drops will "randomly select" a rarity for the item dropped, granting bonus stats to that item! Legendary Bronze Sword anyone? YES PLEASE!
  • Intelligent enemy AI that will keep the player on their toes. The AI will respond according to the player's actions to make sure "LOL-SPAM ATTACK" will lead to the players demise.
  • Five unique character classes, each with a vastly different play style than the last!
  • Skills come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from Instant cast spells that don't consume the character's turns, to very powerful attacks, buffs, and heals that have cooldowns, making sure the player strategically chooses when to use certain abilities.
  • This and much more!

Eternal Twilight Discord Link:

Latest Blog

Eternal Twilight v1.1.2 is LIVE!

Hey everyone! Long time no talk! Just chiming in to say that I have uploaded Eternal Twilight v1.1.2, which just addresses some balancing/difficulty. Okay byeeeee~~~~ :D

=== General Balance Changes ===
* Non-Boss enemies have had their MaxHP reduced by about 5-10% across the board.
* EXP gained from all non-boss enemies has been increased by +5% and all bosses now reward +%10 more EXP when defeated.
* The DEFENSE stat has been slightly buffed, reducing enemy damage by about 5% more than before.
* Soul Trigger has been buffed: Stat boost increased from +15% to +20%, MP Cost reduction increased from 10% to 20% reduction, and TP regain increased from +5% to +10% per turn.

=== Character Changes ===
* Barrage and Raining Arrows damage increased by 5%

* Holy Fire damage increased by 10%
* Smite damage increased by 5%

* Wind Chi damage increased by 5%
* Gaian Tide damage increased by 10%

* Wound and Body Slam damage increased by 10%
* Shadow Strike and Obliterate damage increased by 5%

Dev Notes: Some of you may be wondering: "Why make the game easier now?" Well, I take great pride in the difficulty and balance of Eternal Twilight, but I also know that the difficulty can and is turning away a good amount of players. To make the game more approachable for the more casual player, I decided to tone down the difficulty a bit. I put in so much time, love, and effort into my game, and as a dev, I WANT people to play it. If making the game slightly easier gets more people to play the game, then that's the price to pay! Ferny... over and out! :D
  • Completed
  • Fernyfer775
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Adventure RPG
  • 11/12/2015 10:09 PM
  • 08/05/2023 06:16 PM
  • 08/01/2018
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I don't know, it only started happening at the 2nd round of abomination battle. I closed the game when I started round 4. I do find it odd that my "guard" would be affected. You would have to provide me a e-mail address as I had no luck uploading files on this system (unless I was doing it incorrectly).
@matski - I found out what caused the bug. It was a typo I made when updating the "Death and Decay" debuff that the abomination places on you at the beginning of the battle. I have fixed it and will be uploading v1.0.9a momentarily. So sorry about the inconvenience it caused! D:
I completed the game in hard mode. I didn't max out the AP skill. I intentionally didn't get the last trophy changing the game mode. The last boss only took me one try to beat whereas the abomination took me twice due to I think the overpowering %hp reduction which I feel gets too overpowering towards the end. I take based on the ending, there will be a sequel?
@matski - Bloody Abomination's mechanic is meant to be like Minerva's, where you need to be it as fast as possible before the HP reduction dot gets too much to handle. But either way, great job on completing the game. As for the ending, you are correct. :)
Question about the empress:
Did Verona even believe her own rhetoric about the Magi being a threat that had to be destroyed? Her theft of their powers make it seem like she really only cared about monopolizing magic powers for herself.
You are correct. To her, they were merely a tool she wanted to use for her own gains. The ones that were "weak" weren't worth keeping around, so she had them killed. The strong ones she wanted captured.

This worked for Azael as well since he hoped that perhaps her army would kill the black magic supreme for him, saving him the trouble. Eventually, her usefulness came to an end, which is why he had her captured and eventually turned into a monster to be killed by the party.
I'd like to give some feedback about the Seraphic Dungeon.

First, the Echo Berserker has a bug that will halt the progression of the fight, effectively forcing you to reset the game and hope that the bug does not happen again.

It happens when he tries to apply the Watch Debuff to party members, but there is a chance that if he tries to target someone who is dead (or is something else?) then the game will probably go on an infinite loop or something like that.

As you can see from the screenshot here, the battle is halted and I can do nothing at all except reset.

The feedback about the dungeon itself is that I don't think that it was a good idea to just make it a collection of farmable bosses, these bosses take very long to kill (30 minutes each for me) on normal difficulty and I don't understand why I should be gated to farm them over and over just to progress (I have 1400 power and I can't deal with the two echo magis that I did not save at the tower, I run out of mp before I can kill them, ironically the Echo Berserker seems to be the best farming target).

I would have preferred it if it was a proper dungeon with normal encounters with enemies that have 20-25k to 100k hp and that provided a proper progression from level 24 to 30 and dropped seraph crystals, instead of farming those levels in the final room of the storyline's final dungeon and farming seraph bosses for crystals.
i have this some kind of problem here, the game had a bug and the SyntaxError says there is an unexpected token u, what does that mean?
nem se quer sai da tela de loading inicial, ta bem ruim, me parece uma propaganda enganosa
Would someone help me please?
I got 52 sheppard crystals, more than 1000 Pure essences and million dollars. But I could not able to buy mythical armors. The items in equipment menu are disabled except the mega charge item. What did I miss?
I keep getting an error when trying to start the game.
Typeerror. Failed to execute getimagedata on canvasrenderingcontext2d float parameter 1 is non-finite
Any tips on defeating seraphic dungeon? I had 1.2k+ POWER but i can't seem to beat the second boss. I can't seem to beat it before turn 10 ish and the debuff stacks after that turn passed are so high that two of my party members keep on dying in one turn even without the boss' ultimate attack. I only cast purify when the boss is about to ulti so i'm not sure what went wrong apart from me having to upgrade the party members' equipment (which roughly translates as that you need more than 1.2k POWER to beat this boss).

I'm going to farm the first boss to get complete seraphic armors set for now but it's kinda annoying that i have to grind a lot just to beat the boss in this dungeon in normal mode.
@aquatorrent - Without seeing you actually play, my suggestion to you would be to make sure that you are using your defensive cooldowns properly. I often see people use things like VITALITY and PROTECTION at the same time, which is great for 3 turns of super high HP and DEFENSE, but then you're left with nothing for a few turns where your team becomes more vulnerable.

I would alternate using them and then cast another once the previous one wears off. For example, popping DIVINE AEGIS and throwing huge overshields on your whole party will help you survive some big hits. Once DIVINE AEGIS wears off, maybe use VITALITY, and then when that one wears off, go to PROTECTION, etc.

SOUL TRIGGER can be used both offensively and defensively, so use that one as you see fit. The Echo Succubus boss can be very hard because as you get stacks of LINGERING SMOKE, you start to take more and more damage.

What percentage of health would you say the boss is at around turn 10?
I was able to win with about 1100 power in 15 turns. Also, I'm one of those noobs who tend to use both Vitality and Protection Aura at the same time, though I still survived due to stacking a lot of overshields and using Soul Trigger.

One thing that might help with the "buff gap" is giving Need-For-Speed to Damien or Ryudo, allowing them to use their support skills more often. And if you want to use Soul Trigger more often, there are accessories that can lower ST cost and increase the size of the ST gauge.

Also, I heard that bonus bosses ignore difficulty settings, which means the lowest difficulty, Normal, won't turn them into a cakewalk.
That makes sense. I usually don't really use them (i only turned Embrace on) unless it's important because Ryudo's TP regeneration isn't that high (might be a mistake on my part but i'm quite lazy to farm to fix the equipments all over again). I'll try to compensate it with those elixir of powers later i guess.

I think the boss is at 50%ish in turn 10, or maybe less. I got more focused on reviving my party members after that that it becomes almost impossible to actually deal some damage after that.

I guess i"ll try it again later today with alternating both shields and see if it works. Thanks!

@Bugfragged: to be honest i hardly ever use soul trigger.. perhaps i should start using it..
And it sucks if the boss ignores difficulty. I don't really like to play harder difficulty because i'm too lazy with the grinding.. haha.
Thanks for chiming in with your tips Bugfragged, those are very helpful! I would highly suggest utilizing Soul Trigger more!

Best of luck in taking out those super bosses, I know they're not easy!
I equipped Minerva with both infinite necklaces. If she uses Darkness Falls combined with Metastasis or Blood Burst then she will not have enough blood to use Ultimate on the same turn. She has to wait to get healing completely (full HP) from Damien to use her Ultimate next turn. Would you please take a look?
@t28nguye: i always use Darkness Falls and Ulti with all the buffs on except for Blood Pact. Iirc, the skill cost HP relative to the max HP of the user. I never got thst issue tho.


Anyways, thanks for the suggestion Fernyfer775 and Bugfragged! I finished the boss after equipping Ryudo with TP charge accessories and Damien with Need for Speed. The fight becomes doable after i spam a lot of Soul Trigger and alternate the buffs at turn 10+.

I got another trouble in defeating the ninth boss though Echo Amalgation. The boss will start doing ulti on turn 3(or 4?) that will wipe out my party no matter what i do. Any tips for this one? Thanks in advance!
@t28nguye - That's an unfortunate "side-effect" of having too much MP COST REDUCTION on Minerva. She will eventually need more HP than she actually has and won't be able to cast any spells lol. Another thing you could try is slapping some LEECHING glyphs/accessories to her so that she can heal her own HP as she deals damage. I would just swap one of those Infinity Necklaces off of her and it should keep her below that weird threshold. Luna does very well with an Infinity Necklace if you need an alternative party member to use it! :)

@aquatorrent - The boss you're on can be very tricky to understand at first. Here is the guide in a nutshell:
If you drop any of his minion's HP to 0, he will do the ultimate that wipes out your party. The trick to this boss is to only hit his minions when they have the BLUE aura with SINGLE-HIT attacks so that you get the PHASED buff, which allows you to damage the boss for a few turns.

Avoid multi-target abilities AT ALL COSTS, or you will most likely kill a minion and the boss will nuke you. No raining arrows, ultima (unfortunately Minerva takes a big hit in her damage potential for this boss), etc.
Thanks! Just finished the boss.
]I'm not sure if dropping the minions HP to 0 is the trigger though because i think i did it in one of the runs and it still did the ulti. I ended up leaving Damien to not hit the minions to keep the unfazed since i thought that was what trigger it. That was a tricky and hard to beat boss though.