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The Goblin

The one who you control. He is silent, yet he remains his self, memories and all and is kind towards others. Strangely, he is whom you mainly control.

Clava the Imp-Bat

An imp-bat hybrid who speaks in an eloquent fashion. His emotions seem to lack heart and feeling to whatever he tries to pour, though he remains steadfast to the Goblin.


Ahsak the Dragon Kid

A child-like dragon who is curious, optimistic and slightly naive, but is a beacon of happiness for the cast, who most have fallen into their grim past.


Gunblin Gibson

One of the three gunblins, has some self-confidence issues regarding his strength but envies the strength of others whom he deemed strong minded and strong willed. He seems to be attracted to the goblin due to his stoic demeanor.


Other Main Cast

Nate - A strange human who seems to have long green hair. Other than that, he seems to be pretty fairly ordinary.

Arkos - Ahsak's father, who despite his disposition and demeanor, is actually very unsure of himself and his identity. And because he lacks the maternal nature that his wife had, he struggles to teach his son the "right" way.

Dinune - A strange water spirit/undine with some form of paranoia. She herself is interested in finding out what happened to her missing son.

Andromeda - A wisp who can pass some invisible objects and the majority of the cast. She herself seems self-aware of the situation and knows more than she lets on.

Minotaur Beef - Schetcher, Jackson and Gibson's close friend. He's a strong minotaur which has an awfully mellow temper and personality that doesn't hide away his slightly more goofy side as well.

Gunblin Schetcher - One of the three gunblins, he has a friendly history with Ahsak. He is protective, tends to rage off quite a lot at situations that doesn't seem to make sense and is a little stubborn, but he cares for his allies and especially to his teammates.