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Website - http://www.potatobrain.net/
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Twitter - https://twitter.com/PotatoBrainG

Please refer to the Characters section for character profiles, and check out Images section for screenshots.

Eredia is now available for purchase from the following links!

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/713180/Eredia_The_Diary_of_Heroes/

itch.io: https://potatobraingames.itch.io/eredia-the-diary-of-heroes

Latest Blog

Two Days Away!

Dear Potato Lovers,

The testing phase took a bit longer than expected, but I'm glad to announce that almost all of those annoying icky bugs have been squished. At the same time, I have some bad news, some good news, and some even better news.

The good news is that I have managed to enable cloud saves for both Eredia 1 and 2. The bad news is that steam achievements might be broken for Eredia 2. I'm at my wits end trying to get them to work, but it just didn't happen the same way it did for Eredia 1.

As for the better news, we finally have a release date, and it's 14th December 2023. I know it's just two days away, but I couldn't commit to a final release date without knowing that I've eliminated all the bugs, at least the ones that we'd discovered.

My one final advice to players would be to play Eredia 1 first, in case you haven't already. Even though it's not necessary to have an Eredia 1 save file to play the sequel, it's a direct continuation of the story right from where it left off, and it'll be a more enjoyable experience to play these games in order.

That's all! See you on 14th.



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If you're talking about file size, it'll be around 300-500MB.
The game itself will be around 50-60 hours long, approximately eight times the length of the demo.
Great game so far.
One thing in the casino:I was trying to see what these tables was and it came up:do you want to play lotto(for 30 i think)? i choose no and this came:Type error Cannot read property "board" of undefined.
EDIT:And one or more are being unequipped suddenly.I`m gonna take a closer look at exactly when .
Hi Kenlan, I'll fix the casino bug in the next update.
Regarding the auto-unequip issue, it's an engine bug and I'm not sure what's causing it. I've tried almost everything but to no avail.
A strange thing is when i go to traits/special for Sharina so if i try to equip a forth(4) trait i can`t press escape and continue playing.So i can only have 3 traits for Sharina.Is it a bug or intended?
EDIT:In Miralia in the runeshop,i can`t buy scrolls there.When you try to choose scrolls nothing happens.
Hi there, love the game, put in well over 15 hours into the game so far. I did run into a small trouble. Not sure if a bug or not looked around but never saw anything about it being mentioned. In Miralia City Inside the first in you can talk to the green haired hunter. Where she asked you to write a recommendation letter or give her 4k. Giving her the money nothing happens, instantly ends the conversation and she asks the same thing. So I raised my hunter rank to expert I think it was the rank after adept and I still cannot write her a recommendation letter either.
If anyone needs help or a guide, I wrote one on Steam but I will copy some of it when you need help.

And if anyone has a clue about Sharina's 2nd Characterquest after getting the dispeller, where to find the Sword of Fools or the Meteorites for the last task of the Mage's Guild as well as about entering the Temple of Karma through the Gate of Hatred, please PM me.
@kenlan You can only have 3 traits, 3 combos and 1 finisher equipped for a character at any given time, even if you have learnt more. It's mentioned in the tutorial. Fixed the runestone issue in the latest patch; thanks for reporting.

@EnricBlack That side-quest has been scraped in the final version. I've removed it all together in the latest patch.

@Firefly84 Some content such as promoting to the highest rank in the Mage Guild (as well as some other guilds) are kept for the sequels, and you won't be able to complete those quests in this game. Sharina's 2nd quest is one of the trickiest in the game, and you'll need to read the note found in the chest, carefully, for clues.
How to get to the Lamia village?I know Firefly in the guide said it was bugged, but if so, are you going to fix it?I really don`t know if i even has found it yet but i searched everywhere.Is it in the underground passage maybe?
It is already fixed. You find in in Everyn Forest.

Everyn Forest
Items EF1: Firagir x2, Seragir x2, Faeris Grass
Items EF2 (south of EF1): Seragir, Cyragir
Items EF3 (south of EF2): Seragir x2, Faeris Grass, Firagir, Cyragir, Elven Sword
Items EF4 (east of EF3): Cyragir x2, Seragir
Items EF5 (west of EF2): Faeris Grass, Firagir, Seragir
Items EF6 (north of EF1): Firagir, Faeris Grass, Seragir
Items EF7 (north of EF6): Firagir, Cyragir x2, Everyn Tulip
Items EF8 (west of EF7): Cyragir x2, Faeris Grass
Items EF9 (south of EF8 and east of EF6): Cyragir, Seragir, Mikaela's Blessing (bridge), Storm Shard

EF 3&4 is a camp
West of EF5 = Va'Aila
EF7 has a Shenrigan Tree (2000 EXP, 3 HP, 3 DEF for Awakening him)
EF8 has a the entrance to Lamia Village.

Lamia Village
Talk to the queen. She has 3 opponents who want to kill her (one you may already have met during the Navrok Port quest in Westerlos Plaines).
Narahna is hidden EF9. Choose the 3rd option.
Balava is in the Woods of Despair, south between the trees. Defeat her.
For convincing Narahna you obtain the Lethal Lamia Dagger from the queen after you have met all 3.
Thanks Firefly.
I think I`m gonna try again.Cant`t belive how i missed it.
i cant continue my game , thw game does not recognize my saves .
i cant continue my game , thw game does not recognize my saves .
Be certain your saves are in a folder named save in the www-folder.
i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Eredia The Diary of Heroes\www\save
Your saves starts with file2.rpgsave
Doesn't even the auto-save work?
The TVTropes page could use some help with growing; it doesn't cover nearly all the tropes in this game :) https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/VideoGame/ErediaTheDiaryOfHeroes
Very interesting game! On pair with nocturne rebirth and legends of balance! 80 hours with one breath. Waiting for the sequel )
p.s. Map! Map! This game need a map! Even a small part of map )
p.s.s. About lamia village. In what moment of the game i have to visit this place with alive villagers? I was here for the first moment when you reach shekova, but they were already killed...
!!!Nevermind, i found an answer
My mind is full of fuck.
lol well, no need to tell us about Eredia 2 here.
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