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This year in DC

Welp, it's been a long time since I posted a blog for this project. Firstly let me just say that though progress has been relatively slow, there has been some. It's not immediately apparent, but it is there.

I'm looking to try and make Dungeon Crawl completely custom - which means getting rid of the current face sets and battle animations. I'm hoping there's a talented artist out there who wouldn't mind re-imagining the characters for me. I'll start looking whilst I work.

I'm also determined to finish DC some time this year, so any aid or feedback is greatly appreciated. I'll get more to that when I have a longer demo (when about 6-8 floors are done), so keep an eye out.

I also want to thank everyone that has given me feedback in the past - whether it be by review or comments. It is all greatly appreciated. So, thanks!


And at it again.

I'm doing some more level design on DC, which is a good thing in my opinion. At the rate I'm going this should be completed by about, oh, 2012. Just in time to play before the world ends. ^.^

Also, I've been told that I should probably change the name as there is another game called Dungeon Crawl. I considered it and was thinking about just dropping the 'crawl' but decided "Stuff it!". I'll leave it as is.

Yeah, so work is continuing on this for all those who enjoyed it. Just a general FYI. In case anyone was curious.


Keepin' the dream alive...

Yeah, so I'm working on DC again - sort of as a break for when I get annoyed/tired of RealmS. Never fear, though, I'm still working on RealmS - just taking breaks here and there.

As for what I've done so far? Well, I'm working on the graphics side of scrolls/bombs, making a few more edits to the chipsets and thinking about giving a bit more detail to the sprites, though I'm still thinking about that.

I've also started to put the second floor together properly. I hope to have at least the third floor done by the next RS!D, though don't count on a release at that time. I may just wait to finish it before releasing another demo.

So, just to let those watching know it's back in the works.
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