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My 1st game!

Alternative version:
Castle Oblivion: Remake

Castle Oblivion: Foundation

Castle Oblivion 2

Story Synopsis:
A lad name Vincent training for the past 20 years after that dreadful day. The castle still haunts his thoughts, it consumes him everyday. He goes back to the castle to break it and save his abducted friend Azen from his terrible fate.

It goes back when...

Vincent and Azen, two knights stuck in the rain, discovered a strange Castle. Their host was gracious enough to offer permanent refuge by kidnapping Azen with an overwhelming power. Not wanting to be next, Vincent abandoned his friend.

There was more than meets the eye...

Vincent will find new friends and foes as he traverses the Castle’s memory-made worlds to rescue Azen, but can everyone overcome the shameful past?

Estimated game length: 12+ hours.


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  • Completed
  • kelarly
  • RPG Maker VX
  • Adventure RPG
  • 06/25/2016 02:53 AM
  • 05/13/2022 11:20 PM
  • 06/27/2008
  • 21524
  • 9
  • 445


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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Heard some great things about this. Glad to see it here!
This is an RM classic, Froggy. It might be dated today, but back in the early VX days, this was considered a technical behemoth.
What Luiishu535 said. I thought the mapping was on point before hahaha.

Kelarly definitely realizes how amateur this game was lol. I'm glad Luiishu535 made the remake for it, it's very fun and makes the series more enjoyable.
Epic length RPG, but loaded with bugs. I triggered a bug where I can skip some of the floors, I think it was right at the end of floor 1. There are also problems with the custom scripted battle system. Got as far the volcano floor, went into the first battle in the area with a medusa who threw out a party confusion spell. Confused party member disappeared from the screen and froze the game.

Difficulty was generally easy, but some areas are large elaborate mazes (e.g. sea caverns) where you spend hours looking for the correct exit. Encounter rates are pretty high, and a beginner party will be grinded down by the sheer number of encounters. Thru the mid game however, characters were overstatted and the mage had a bunch of cheap status spells, some of which also work on bosses. Bosses were generally very easy based on how far i got.

Plot was minimal. Everyone speaks in what I imagine to be a monotone voice and sentences were as simple as can be. I can see why this would be subjected to a remake.
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