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Welcome, one and all, to Team Beach party's entry to the resurrection jam (Now closed and done)!

We are: Iron-Croc, The Mighty Palm, and Eubinine.
The Mighty Palm and Iron Croc were the main developers while Eubinine provided the title artwork, concepts, and valuable QA and testing.


Far, far away, there was a kingdom ruled by a kind and loving king and queen. Alongside them, the noble prince oversaw the land, making sure no harm or evil ever came about.

But one day, the fearsome gummy dragon, Gumdrap, swooped down and snatched the poor prince away. All the king and queen could do was watch in horror as their noble prince was being taken high atop the fabled Cookie Mountain, an active Caramel Volcano.

So, the king and queen called upon Nora the Strong, and her Brother Angelo the Fire Mage, to rescue their beloved son.

And so, our dynamic duo set off for the prince...

... on their Cookie Mountain Quest!

Cookie Mountain is a tale of how brother and sister team up and brave the land to rescue the prince of the land.

This game features:

Five colorful and immersive action-packed levels!

Heart-pounding encounter with a giant dragon!

FULLY custom soundtrack with SEVENTEEN different tracks!

Fully custom artwork

Special bonus content!

Caution: This game contains sudden loud noises and flashes. Small children, those easily frightened by loud noises, or are aggravated by flashes of light should take caution when playing.

NOTE: This game contains checkpoints where you are healed. in case you forget to save out on the field.

This game pays homage to some of our favorite games. See if you can figure out what they are. Some of them will be quite obvious. ;)


Sharm for Pixel Myth Germania

Enterbrain DS-Tiles and the maker itself

Falcao for his Pearl ABS - http://falcaorgss.wordpress.com/

Galv for a lot of convenient scripts

Khas for his Awesome Lighting script

Avery for the riceball icon

Whtdragon for his Ostrich Sprite

AlexTriceratops123 (YouTube) for Croc Sounds. - Licensed under CC Attribution 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/us/legalcode

freesfx.co.uk for other SFX

Rooooodworks- Additional voicework
Marquise* - Ogre Sprite

-Small Utility scripts-

Syvkal SS

From the bottoms of our hearts, we thank you for your support and for playing the game (in advance)!

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  • Action Puzzle
  • 09/12/2016 08:15 PM
  • 06/18/2024 09:02 AM
  • 09/10/2016
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Is there a trick to riding the ostrich?
I got ko when the monsters come in pairs and my reflexes are too slow because of my handicap...
Is there a trick to riding the ostrich?
I got ko when the monsters come in pairs and my reflexes are too slow because of my handicap...

In a way, yes... The raisins will come from ONLY right, left, or middle. Most often, when the pairs come, they come right and left. Leaving the middle wide open.
Hello there, I like your game.

I found\.\. a\. few things though.\.\.\.\

Lvl 2:
* When you exit the area, the character "Smalls" reverts back to hint number #1.
* When you exit the area after "Smalls" and the "Orggo" character leave "Orggo" stays on the bridge and you are unable to complete the level, however if you complete the level and go back he is not there.
* The torch when pressed shows text along with the camera movement even when it is not the first one pressed.
* When in the vicinity of "Smalls" during the last switch, he will be erased, (perhaps there should be a fade in and fade out event?)

Lvl3: The cave to the chest: upon exiting the "Lemon head" disappears and does not re-spawn like the others.
When re-entering lvl 3 for the ostrich game or for (whatever reason) it says level complete and sends you back to the world map, the ostrich is still there and you are given the same text lines implying that your character would go though the game again.

Lvl 4:
*You can walk on the holes near the bridge, before the chip scene. (Intentional?) Haha.

I like the ending and made my day. (no spoliers):3
Level 3 lemonhead disappearing is actually a feature. :) I'll make notes about the others and see what I can do. Smalls reverting back to hint 1 was a thing we couldn't quite fix, but we'll work on that.

Thanks for your feedback!
* When you exit the area, the character "Smalls" reverts back to hint number #1.

That bug caused me to scour the entire lake looking for obscure switches. Other than that, this is a very easy ARPG and is pretty simple game in general. Nice game.
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