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The world of One Night is a dangerous one and it is very easy to end up trapped by some faceless horror or stumped on a rock hard puzzle. Using these tips however, you may just be able to survive a bit longer:

Search Everything
In One Night, key items and supplies can be hidden in the most bizarre places. Even if there's monster after you, try to risk it and stick your neck out to fully search a room. You might find something you sorely needed.

Read Clues Carefully
The numerous files you can find scattered around the complex contain valuable hints and storyline information. They may tell you the password you need or direct you to your next location. Read them slowly and note anything that seems important.

Remember Save Rooms
You should remember the locations of save rooms and how to get to them. In a later situation, you may find yourself needing to save or simply requiring a quiet room to solve a riddle in peace.

Don't Run Aimlessly
The enemies in One Night like to gang up on their prey and attack you when you're in a vulnerable situation. They love nothing more than to guide you to a dead end or into a corner. Try to think before you move while running from them and don't end up trapped.