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Saturday 15th October - Friday 4th November...

Hello everybody..!

So, yet again, it has been a very VERY long time since I updated SoE’s blog.

YET again, I have been ill. I’m not 100% sure why this keeps happening. The only reason that I can think of as to why the stability of my health may have changed is my monumental weight loss. A few blogs ago, I mentioned that I had managed to lose approx. 120lbs. Although this has allowed the health of my heart, and my overall vitality to increase, I think the lack of an internal insulating suit has compromised my ability to stay out in cold weather.

Anyway, that’s all over now, thank god… :)

This recent bout of ill health made me realise how much I enjoyed working on SoE due to not being able to work with it. Absence makes, and all that.

So, even thou I have been ill, I have managed to get a lot of work done because of this new found vigour.

I even got to the point where I was testing and bug checking the demo..!

After the 5th run through though, I realised that the Standard Battle System was getting boring. VERY boring.

So, I endeavoured to implement more custom content, in a bid to increase the enjoyment value; but try as I might, no matter how much I fiddled and twiddled; between the broken parts of the inbuilt system, and the shear monotony of the standard battle premise, I could no longer justify my belief that the standard battle system was fit for purpose.

So, I have decided to do something that I have been threatening to do for a long time. Build my own battle system.

So, as of now that is what I am doing. I have already started working out, on paper, how the battle ‘maths’ will work, and have a vague idea of how the system will look and work.

This blog is long enough; but in the near future expect a very detailed blog about how the custom battle system will play.

-JayEsz666- :-D


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