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Designed, Developed, & Written by:



Yanfly, Yami, Moghunter, Galv, Tsukihime, Nicke, Selchar, Craze Asylum, Khas Arcthunder, Rokan, Napoleon, Casper667, Syvcal, Raizen884, Rafael Sol Maker, PK8, Zeus81, Galenmereth, Lemony, FlipelyFlip, Shaz, modern algebra


Jewelbeat.com, Aaron Krogh, Kevin MacLeod, Ruined Paradise, JDB Artist, Intelligencia,

Sound Effects:

flashkit.com, soundjay.com, soundbible.com


Celianna (tiles), Lunarea (tiles), Mack (tiles and sprites), Loose Leaf Generator (sprites), Dafont (fonts), Clker (clip part), Obsidian Dawn (brushes), itaholy87 (windowskin base), Moghunter (save menu base), Icons Kid (icons), Spydr (battle transitions), mitchi.exe (battle transitions), LexusX (battle transitions), SPIERAL WIND (animations), Timmah (battle transitions and animations), Thalzon (battlers), Erangot Generator (character portraits)

All resources used were either listed as free for non-commercial use or under a Creative Commons license. Any edits done by DawnSeeker Studio. Any unmentioned resources are a part of the RPGMAKER VX ACE/MV RTP.