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Heartbreak + Setbacks

  • kentona
  • 02/21/2021 06:13 PM
I have a disappointing update to post. Some time between March 2020 and October 2019 I managed to corrupt the game's database, and didn't notice until today.

It had something to do with the Battle Screen tab (a tab I apparently rarely visited! I only noticed it because whatever corruption was happening/happened spread to other areas.

You can see my topic here on it:

I restored my backups retroactively, looking for a non-corrupt one and thankfully I found one... from Avee, after he replaced the tilesets with his work, dating back to October 2019. So nearly 18 months ago! That's nearly... 7 hours worth of work!!!

Seriously, I haven't worked on this game much in 2020, and not at all since my dad died in October 2020. I spent most of 2020 (and 2019 tbh) quite depressed, that absolutely sucked any drive I had. I think I have finally turned a corner in in early January and fired up RM2k3 again for the first time today - to discover the corruption.

I am sorry for this downer of an update.

I am getting back on the horse now, though.

Thankfully, so much of the project depends on the work of the resources creators Avee, zDS, pianotm, visitorsfromdreams, and mattthulhu

Cover Art

A cover art I commissioned via Twitter from @mattthulhu. I hope to use this in gameprofiles and promotional material. The inspiration comes from the cover art of NES Dragon Warrior games (primarily DWII).


In 2020, zDS and pianotm were revitalized and created several more tracks for the remaster. I have a snapshot of the current track list below. 44 incredible tracks are slated for this game, and I couldn't be more proud.

I hope to showcase the latest works in a new blog post soon.

OrderPurposeSong Title (ideas)FilenameComposer
1Main Theme / Title screenA Hero's RealmA Hero's Realm.mp3pianotm
2Intro musicThe Introduction of a HeroHoldanawithIntroArachnoSF.mp3pianotm
3Chapter 1 Overworld / Holdana's ThemeHoldanaHoldana.mp3pianotm
4Chapter 2 Overworld / Enobong's ThemeZefyrinZefryins_Theme_New_Hard_To_Kill_Hard_To_SpellzDS
5Chapter 3 Overworld / Otojiro's ThemeBloodsportAkios Theme.mp3zDS
6Chapter 4 Overworld / Rana's ThemeRajRanas Theme.mp3zDS
7Chapter 5 OverworldThe Ruin of RealityThe_Ruin_of_Reality.mp3pianotm
8Skiff sailingSkiffscapeshipslower.mp3pianotm
9Ship sailingShipshapeship.mp3pianotm
10Airship sailingTouch the SkyTouch the Sky2.mp3pianotm
11VillagesQuaint VillageVillage 1.mp3zDS
12Sad villagesAktemptohero sad village.mp3zDS
13TownsFolksy TownTown 1.mp3zDS
14Sad townsMelancholy TownHero Town 2.mp3zDS
15Eastern Villages (Chapter 4)Exotic VillageArab Village.mp3pianotm
16Snow villagesPowderPowder.mp3pianotm
17CitiesBustling CityCity 3.mp3pianotm
18CastlesRegal CastleHero's Realm Castle Version 2.mp3zDS
19Temples / ShrinesPietyPiety.mp3pianotm
20Inns / RecoveryThe Plucked DucklingInn.mp3pianotm
21ShopsYe Olde ShoppeHero_Shop_sorry_its_not_dq1_town_song.oggzDS
22FunhouseThe Price is BrownCasino_Updated.oggzDS
23ColiseumHeart of a BattlerArena_Intro_Maybe.mp3zDS
24Paranor / Guru's ThemeWorld of RuinWorld_of_Ruin.mp3pianotm
25Barracks / Final areaMarital VowsMartial_Vows.mp3pianotm
26Futuristic compoundApocolyptica FuturaApocolyptica_Futura.mp3pianotm
27Menacing areas / cutscenesCreepyCreepy.mp3pianotm
28CavesDark CaveHero's Realm Cave.mp3zDS
29CatacombsLa Serenite du ChauchemarLa Serenite du Chauchemar.mp3pianotm
30TowersNew TowerNew_Tower.oggzDS
31Aetherial dimension dungeonsLost in QuintessenceLost in Quintessence.mp3pianotm
31Catacombs alternateNiddly CatacombsZefyrin's Theme.mp3zDS
32Frozen cavesFrozen WindFrozen_Wind.mp3pianotm
33Futuristic compound ruins / baseTechnoBabelTechnoBabel_synthbass.mp3pianotm
34Final dungeonThe CrucibleThe_Cruciblepianotm
35Select dungeons / cave alternateMenacing Dungeonhero tower.mp3zDS
36Megafunhouse or Recurring Boss Theme ?Tracer Bulletcasino.mp3zDS
37Battle themeHeroic BattleHeros_Realm_Battle_12022017.mp3zDS
38Boss battleHeroes v BossHeroes Boss-02.mp3zDS
39Chapter boss battle theme / midbossEnd of Chapter BossTertiary Battle Theme or mini boss.mp3pianotm
40Intro to the big boss battle themeThe Intro from Beyond Space and TimeT_B_S_T__Intro (1).mp3pianotm
41First Big Boss battle themeThis Isn't Even My Final FormT_B_S_T__Form_I (1).mp3pianotm
42Final Battle themeFinal FormT_B_S_T__Final_Form (1).mp3pianotm
43Entire final battle themeThe Thing from Beyond Space and TimeThe_Thing_from_Beyond_Space_and_Time (1).mp3pianotm
44Outtro / End CreditsA Hero's EndHoldana Variant.mp3pianotm

visitorsfromdreams implemented 43 separate battle animations for spells and weapons in mid-to-late 2019

You can read more about it here in this blog post:

They are incredible!

Wow, where do I even begin!

Avee has gone above and beyond any reasonable expectations for this project, and without him I'd have been completely sunk.

He has finished a veritable mountain of monster sprites (360 monster sprites, counting all recolours)

He completed all of the tilesets AND took it upon himself to replace the graphics in 879 maps with them! This is, in fact, the backup that I am going to have restart my work on.

He is hard at work now creating battle backgrounds, and has provided 33 already! I am going to showcase them soon so that we can all marvel at them.

So a huge thank you to all of the resource creators on Hero's Realm remaster.


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Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
I am sorry for this downer of an update.

Hey, as long as you're okay, I'm okay. It's good to hear you're picking this back up again. Nothing is lost time, it's all experiences that help shape us.

I'm quite excited to see how this will progress! What you've already done is awesome, and it's good to see you get back on the horse. Let's go, Kentona. I believe in you. :)

Massive congrats to Avee, zDS, pianotm, visitorsfromdreams, and mattthulhu also for being awesome <3
You're magical to me.
Yeah, while it's a bummer that this happened, this update is a testament to the sort of awesome people who are working on the game and your own dedication to keep enduring despite these losses! :D
Guardian of the Description Thread
Every single person on this project is a hero.

Damn, that was unlucky. But I'm glad that the backup was okay.
Hang in there, Kenton! And great work everyone!
I'm glad the damage wasn't worse than that. And super excited to see you get back into this!
Super sorry to hear what happened Kentona! 2020 was a bust for everybody I think. Whenever you get the motivation to make significant process is fine.

Like everybody else said, you are more important than the game!!
The all around prick
It's great that the whole project wasn't corrupted, at least. And yeah, 2020 has been a really mule kick in the face for everyone. Glad to see you getting back into it, though!
Dude, damn, damn... dude.

That shit is rough. I'm glad you are soldiering on through it all though!

I really can't wait to see some of those animations I did in engine!
My project was corrupted TWICE a couple months back. I never knew how fragile it all is. Back up like crazy. Never leave project open when you're not using it. Turn off pc when you're done.

The first corrupt I fixed in a few hours and second I lost nothing due to frantic backing up.

Hope you feel better soon boss man!
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
I noticed this applies to all RMs but when you shut down the pc, make sure to properly turn off RPG Maker first or it'll get corrupted. IDK what black magic shutdown does like it doesn't play nice with currently opened software o)-<
Oof, that's rough. Great work for the team to pull through tough spots!
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
These things happen, bud.

Make sure you take care of yourself first! Your health definitely takes priority over catching up on the game assets.

I'm sure you guys can pull through! We've all seen what you can do, so be assured that we all have faith in you!
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