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"You might find the festival strange now, Lunita. But the people of Merryday wouldn't be able to live the way they do if not for the blessings of the moon. I think you will understand. Perhaps not now, but one day when it is your duty to protect them as the Oracle."

Crescent Prism is a story-driven RPG that follows the story of Lunita, a young girl from the bustling hamlet of Merryday Village. Each year, the people of Merryday give their thanks to the moon during the Crescent Festival. Though antiquated as Lunita sees it, her mother Astrid is confident that she will one day understand its importance, as expected of the one who would take her place as Oracle.

Little do Lunita and Astrid know that a great disaster would befall them on the eve of the festival, changing their lives forever.

Crescent Prism aims to be a medium-length, 6-10 hour RPG with a colorful cast of characters and numerous monsters to fight. The Chapter 1 release brings you through the first segment of the game, chronicling Lunita's adventures as a child.

  • Colorful, custom graphics, sound, and music.

  • A fully custom User Interface thanks to the powerful Luna Engine script set.

  • Unleash powerful Astra abilities in battle, turning the Moon in your favor!

  • Skippable encounters! If you're a high enough level, flick those pesky random encounters away with the push of a button!

  • Light puzzle-solving with a stretchy dog friend.

  • Animated battle backgrounds. WHOA!

Crescent Prism originally began development in 2017 and went through a number of changes over many months. The project was ultimately cancelled in late 2019, but Chapter 1 remains available for download as a standalone release!

Scripts used:

Text Cache


Text Sound
Battle Reposition
Encounter Events
Long Choices
Permanent States
Event Conditions

System Options
Extra Parameters
Actor Commands
Anti-Fail Message
Steal Items
Movement Restrict
Skill Restrict
Hide SKill
Skill Cost
State Animations


Galv's Vehicle On Off Locations

Basic Enemy HP Bars v 2.9
V.M of D.T

Luna Engine
CP Addons by NeonBlack

Joke (biloumaster)

Latest Blog

Crescent Prism Widescreen Mod

Crescent Prism is now is glorious 16:9! Starspire has been hard at work developing a widescreen fan mod for the game and it is now available to download!

To install the Widescreen mod, paste the two included files into a valid Crescent Prism Chapter 1 v1.1.1 folder, replacing the existing ones. It is recommended that you make a backup of your game files before doing so.

Note that this mod covers up through the end of Chapter 1. To continue playing into Chapter 1X, please move your save files into a vanilla v1.1.1 file when prompted.

Special thanks to Starspire for their amazing work!


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Some glitches so far:
1. In the intro you had some invisible blocks in front of the upper pillars.
2. Each time you use a apprevation, you put a space in there, but it could be the font.
3. The "draer" has the Tarot Cards. (as far as I have seen it correct)
4. Once you leave the house, you can walk on the wall/fence to the house next door. Also between the Orange Bell and Willow Inn.
5. Flayt says "whereever" after the Laundry boss.

Played until the Chroma Tower.
Whew, glad there's been nothing serious so far! But that wall-walk sound pretty bad

I'm gonna add these to some other minor fixes I'll be uploading soon. Thanks!

Also yeah the "apostrophe space" is just a font thing.
Just beaten it and I'm gonna start redoing my review on the weekend. Also, wasn't there an optional boss in the basement cause I couldn't find him.
Cool! Looking forward to it.

Optional boss from the old demo got removed since it was just there to round off the end of the demo's content. It sorta didn't fit with everything else, plus there are bosses in this build, most notably Tetranome, that build upon that boss's mechanic a little more fluidly.
Omg, M(iniste)r Orange is so adorable.

Also, is that a Yuusha doll in her room upstairs?
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