Three elemental animations created for Ascent!

Three simple elemental animations!

Usage readme:

Free for use, just credit JosephSeraph!
Free to edit and redistribute as well so long as you keep this readme intact & credit me!
Please consider donating so I can keep creating resources!
You can do so either by submitting a paypal donation to josephseraph@hotmail.com (sorry I can't provide a direct donation link as they seem to be all expiring really fast!)
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Thanks! <3
If you make something with my resources, I'll love to take a look at it! :D "


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  • 07/16/2022 09:52 AM

JS animation mini-pack "Ascent"

3 simple elemental animations!


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Because your resources are great and maybe it is annoying to comment on each of your posts are all of them free to use for commercial projects too? Credit will be given of course.
thank you! <3 Yes they're free to use in commercial projects! ^v^) <3
Just credit me! : D
Also, I'd love to be sent a link (no need to give me a copy) to the store page or website of your game : >
Of course I can send you a link. If it is possible please give me an e-mail address in order to contact you easily ^^
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