The music pack deuce.

  • Liberty
  • 08/26/2020 10:19 PM

RMN Music Pack II is a collection of videogame music composed by members of https://www.rpgmaker.net for anyone and everyone to use in their non-commercial videogame projects. RMN Music Pack II was created in a three-month timeframe, started by Happy, finished by Liberty and with the aid of the wonderful Snowy Fox for post-production editing.

You can find the full list of submissions here!

- RPG Maker version is a series of OGG files that will work well in the RPG Maker engines.

- Non-RPG Maker version is a set of OGG files that should loop well in non-RPG Maker engines.

- Listening version is a set of Higher Quality MP3 files for your listening pleasure.

Special thanks to everyone who judged the event: Snowy_Fox, pianotm, Liberty, Kunsel and Zorga

And all the included artists: AllegroTristamente, Auron_Silverburgh, Chronicle, DarkRukkurt, Jasprelao, JoelS, Kunsel, psy_wombats, Snowy_Fox, Spanish Omlette, T_Fairchild, Xcalnarok and Ylmir

Official album artwork commissioned from Yaichino. (Facebook | Instagram | Deviantart)

If you use our music in your projects, please credit the artists!



  • 88.0 MB
  • 443
  • 05/25/2022 04:54 PM

RMN Music Pack 2 - RPG Maker version (OGG)

This version contains looped OGG files for use in RPG Maker.


  • 82.7 MB
  • 84
  • 04/20/2022 03:36 PM

RMN Music Pack 2 - Non-RPG Maker version (OGG)

This version contains looped OGG files for use in non-RPG Maker engines.


  • 246.1 MB
  • 178
  • 05/28/2022 12:59 AM

RMN Music Pack 2 - Listening

This version contains high-quality MP3 files for ease of listening in various audio programs.


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