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All composers and game developers ahoy! For the following next few months we'll be collaborating to create a collection of at least 60 tracks of original, royalty free video game music for game developers to use in their video game projects and other media.

RMN Music Pack 2 will follow in the footsteps of the first pack's concept, aiming to provide game developers loop-able background themes for various game instances, mainly focusing on the JRPG genre, but possibly including some tracks that can also work in other media types as well.

The first music pack release has been well regarded and widely utilized, and RMN Music Pack 2 has been long awaited. Now we can switch the gears and begin realizing this great sequel.

This time around we'd prefer having the development and discussion of the album be more open and interactive. Join our discord channel at to request music or instant feedback for your track. The goal is for everyone to work together in their best ability to bring the quality of the final collection as high as possible. If you are able to give feedback and pointers, you're definitely recommended to do so.

  • Game developers: now is a good chance to leave some requests for themes and styles you'd like to hear. There can be various game scenarios that might not all occur to a singular composer at the first thought, and even more to choose from where it comes to stylistic perspectives to approach the themes from.

  • Composers: first things first; the first music pack had certain standards, compositionally and mix-wise, for the submitted tracks to meet to be included in the final collection. Same applies this time around, though this time we will also have an additional release available on the RMN Music Pack 2 page, that will contain all the event submissions that didn't make the cut to the final collection, though did still fit in the event concept criteria.

    You will benefit of having a versatile digital audio workstation, rights to licensed libraries of virtual instruments, several years of experience under your belt, and the know-how of composing loop-able video game music. All the submission guidelines can be found further on.

    You'll also agree to the terms that anyone can use your music for free in their non-commercial purposes under creative commons by-nc 4.0 license as long as they credit you in the process. If any of the submitted music is requested to be used in commercial purposes, it can be done only by asking permission directly from you, the original author.

    The final collection will be made publicly available for download on multiple social and media online fronts utilizing the community's connections and channels, and it will be available for free in its entirety as a lossless collection, as well as alternate versions. The event will run for a few months, until we have 60 finalized and accepted tracks or more. (Room to flex up to 75 or so, if needed.)

  • Create a piece of music that can be used as a background track in video game, preferably in J-RPG genre. Instrumentation, style, and intended in-game use are at the discretion of the composer, but you can see to what members of the community are requesting and where the submissions so far are lacking.

  • The track has to be entirely your own work. It may not use unlicensed libraries and it can't lift thematic motifs from works of others. You can make tracks in collaboration with others, though this does not mean simply remixing previously distributed material.

  • The track has to be previously undistributed. You can submit material that you have been working on prior to this event, but which hasn't been made publicly available in its complete form before.

  • You agree to withhold from releasing your submitted tracks outside of RMN Music Pack 2 in their complete form before the music pack is complete and available for download.

  • The track shouldn't be a "fixed time track." Eg. it shouldn't ask for the listener's attention constantly by introducing too many major changes in terms of tempo, melody, or overarching scales, overall choice of instrumentation and whatnot. This doesn't mean your track can't be lively and varied - just keep the progressiveness and inclusion of themes in check and focus on establishing mainly a single theme per track.

  • The track has to meet certain standards where it comes to structure, tonality and balance of the mix. Make your instruments audible, yet contributing to a balanced space in soundscape. Make the leading voices clear, and ensure the mix has presence. You can listen to any current gen. professional soundtracks for mix reference, or if needed, ask help in Discord at .

    You can also check the quality of the previous RMN Music Pack here to see which tracks were accepted in the end. We're of course looking to improve and bring up the over all mix quality even more where possible, but it should still give you a fair idea.

  • Your track has to loop - it has to return to a previously occurred section. After all the new compositional material has been introduced in your track it has to return to a previously occurred section from where it can start playing again. To demonstrate this in the song, you need to include the re-occurring sections from where the song starts playing from again, to the end of your pattern for at least 15 seconds or so, excluding any fade-out. Any fade-outs, software coded loop-points for game engines to utilize, and etc. will be added in the post processing of the album by the judge and event manager.

  • Render and submit your track as a .wav file. If possible, with 32 bit output and with the highest choice of re-sampling available to you. You can upload it to the event page and ask for feedback here, or as preferred, post it in our Discord channel at .

  • You agree that anyone can use your music for free in their non-commercial purposes under creative commons by-nc 4.0 license as long as they credit you in the process. If any of the submitted music is requested to be used in commercial purposes, it can be done only by asking permission directly from you, the original author.

  • Open communication is recommended! When you're starting a specific type of theme, it may be a good idea to give a heads up to the other participants so that we know something of the specific type is already in the works! You can also introduce yourself here and let us know your preferred genre or choice of instrumentation, if any.

  • Once you have submitted a track to the event page it will be checked by the event manager: Happy, who will then provide feedback if necessary and proceeds to check the track as validated once it meets the submission standards.

Making a complete collection of great video game music is an award itself, but as a bonus there's also some additional prizes up for grabs. Prize amounts may increase if we receive additional monetary support!

  • Top contributor, community's choice: 125$ to the top contributor, chosen by community vote after the event.

  • Top contributor, judge's choice: 100$ to a different top contributor than community's choice, chosen by the event manager: Happy.

  • Luck of the draw: 75$ to a randomly selected participant with an accepted submission to the event.

The support of RMN's music events have been great so far. With our combined efforts we have so far managed to put together the funds for the artwork of both albums and generated some participation prizes for the entrants.

If you'd like to show further support to our music events, you can do so by donating with this link and your donation will be directed to increase the lucrativeness of RMN Music Pack 2, and in turn, generate more quality music. All support is greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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Psycom Sound Team jdk
The Spoony Bard
Sibelius Take The Wheel
JP Soundworks
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Team I Don't Have Time For This Right Now But Hope Y'all Have Fun
Virtuoso Ultima
guess i'll try something even though i'm not great at music
QZ Productions
I'm PROBABLY going to solo this
Brown Note
uhhh frostix :)
All Ideas No Time
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Devil's in the details
I'm reserving this first post for themes requested by community members and for themes that composers have either completed, or confirmed they are working on.

Completed themes:


- Event theme, encouraging -- (We won't back down) - Slaleky

- Event/location theme, respite -- (Be at Ease) - Spanish-Omelette

- Event theme, reflection -- (There Will Be Hope) - JP Soundworks


- Dungeon theme, modern facility infiltration -- (Tech Base) - Happy

- Dungeon theme, underwater/aquatic -- (Shimmering Grotto) - Spanish-Omelette

- Temple theme, neutral/religious -- (Meditation) - Spanish-Omelette

- Court/town theme, classical -- (Soiree) - psy_wombats

- Town theme, homely -- (Town of Memories) - JP Soundworks

Types of themes being worked on:


- Semi-orchestral Mountain traversal area -- (King of All Mountains) - Happy

- Bright/School/VN theme with modern instruments - Happy

- Underground passage dungeon -- (Passage) - Happy

- Fairy glade event / location theme - Mirak

- Jungle dungeon / location - Mirak

- Peaceful town theme 1 - jasprelao

- Ominous desert crossing theme - Happy

- Plague-struck village/Eastern town -- (Higanbana)- Spanish-Omelette

- Swamp village or a mini-game theme - Frosty-Games

- Orchestral sneaking about an evil fortress - Kunsel

- Upbeat volcano/fiery mountain/temple - djRyoji


- Choral Mystery event theme - Happy

- Melancholic character theme with acoustic guitar -- (Ghosts of the Past) - Happy

- Tragedy theme: Death of a loved one / Home town destroyed -- (In Memoriam) - Spanish-Omelette

- Positive Event theme with classical instruments -- (Glimmer of Light) - Theodoric

- Introspective event theme with piano. -- (Beneath the Stars of a Distant Shore) - pianotm

- Jazzy / Noir event theme - Zebestian

Game specific:

- Playful salsa battle theme -- (The Clave) - Spanish-Omelette

- Mechanical special boss battle theme -- (Exoskeleton) - Happy

- Ninja character battle theme -- (A Friendly Shinobi) - Happy

- Some battle themes probably - McTricky

Requested type of themes:

Theme ideas:

If you find yourself short of ideas here's a very hypothetical list of possible j-rpg themes. Of course you're entirely free to go outside of this framework, but it's here just to give you some ideas if you're looking for any.

  • System screens:

    Title screen
    - Epic
    - Systematic menu theme
    Game over

  • Intro:



    Historical, exposition

  • Story event:

    Positive, uplifting
    - Heroic
    - Confidence
    - Celebrating victory
    - Preparing for battle, sure of victory
    - War, assaulting/invading the enemy

    - Romance
    - Cheesy romance
    - Family
    - Scene with best friend

    Negative, action
    - Incoming Invasion
    - Large monster attacks town

    - Death of a loved one
    - Home town destroyed


    - Preparing for battle, sure of defeat
    - Bad guy appears

    Mysterious, unknown

    - Cheesy J-pop

    Relaxing, resting

    Homely, safe

    Furtive, sneaking where not allowed

    War, strategy, planning

    - Resolute
    - Reluctant

  • Character themes:

    Main character
    - Heroic
    - Reluctant
    - Punk kid
    - Sly, cunning
    - Pretty boy
    - Pretty girl

    Best friend

    Family member

    - Good king / queen
    - Evil king / queen
    - Prince / Princess
    - Royal war hero

    - Noble lord
    - Evil lord
    - Pompous, foppish

    Canny/cunning thief

    Well-traveled Adventurer

    Stoic ranger

    Pirate hero


    - Dashing battle-mage
    - Doddering wizard

    Magnificent bastard

    Evil general

    Genius, intelligent

    Well-trained martial artist


    Sex symbol


    Hero's rival

    False hero

    Eccentric inventor

    Absent-minded professor


    Seedy fence

    Tireless wanderer

  • Town:

    Tiny, sleepy village

    Poor, run-down village

    Plague-struck village

    Farming village

    Market town

    Mining town

    Forest village

    Elf village

    Swamp village

    Lizard-folk village/Kobold village

    Western frontier town

    Eastern town

    Seedy, unsavory town

    Ghost town
    - Deserted
    - Actually haunted

    Town at nighttime
    - Mysterious/threatening
    - Peaceful, homely
    - Bustling nightlife

    Naval town

    Military castle city

    Floating city in the sky

    City of mages

    Dwarf city

    Industrial city

    Dark city

    Religious city

  • Battle:

    Small, typical random encounter



    Halfway-through-game boss

    End boss

    End boss, final form

    Duel with rival

    Tense battle, sure of defeat

    Running-away battle
    - Escape from a strong enemy
    - Undefeatable evil

    Disturbing, unsettling monster

    Chaotic fight, lots of enemies

    Epic war scene, large armies

    Fight with unidentified opponent, not sure if friend or foe

    Bar brawl

  • Dungeon:

    Ancient ruins
    - Mystical
    - Dark, ruined
    - Desert ruins, pyramid

    Purpose-built gauntlet
    - Monster-infested
    - Tense, traps everywhere

    - Elemental
    - Volcano
    - Neutral
    - Tidal sea cave

    Traversal areas

    - Lakeside
    - Swamp

    - Mountain
    *- Rocky, rugged
    *- Snow-capped
    *- Mountain pass

    - Desert

    - Forest
    *- Tranquil
    *- Tranquil, but still threatening
    *- Dark and creepy
    *- Mysterious, mystical
    *- Lost woods

    - Jungle
    - Grasslands
    - Shoreline
    - Varied, pass of varying terrain


    - Haunted
    - Evil lord's
    - Sneaking into noble manor

    Mad wizard's laboratory

    Zombie-infested town


    Space station
    - Abandoned
    - Still functioning, enemy



    Secret passage


    Gang's hideout

    Bandit camp

    War, enemy camp

    "Evil Inc." HQ

  • World map:

    Serene, peaceful exploration

    Grandiose, exuberent

    Triumphant, striding forth

    Mysterious, unknown lands
    - Desert exploration

    Alien planet

    Naval, sea exploration

    Tropical, jungle

  • Game-specific:

    - Airship
    - Ship

    - Tank
    *- Realistic, treaded
    *- Mech, big stompy robot/golem
    *- Mech, fast and light

    - Spaceship
    - Hovercraft
    - "Chocobo"
    - Submarine

    - Blackmarket

    Auction House



    - Good, noble
    - Good, militant
    - Mercenary fortress, independent faction of bad-assery
    - Evil, sinister
    - Evil, militant
    - Abandoned
    - Haunted

    - Evil, sinister cult
    - Good, spiritual
    - Neutral, religious
    - Elemental temple
    - Location ? forest, mountain, volcano etc.


    - Good, fun
    - Evil, creepy

    Casino, game room

    - General mini-game music
    - The inevitable fishing mini-game
    - Cards, dice
    - Gambling
    - Race
whatever happened to summoner of sounds
Devil's in the details
whatever happened to summoner of sounds

Hey! I decided to answer your concerns in a personal message, as I would prefer to have this thread focus on RMN Music Pack 2 itself! If anyone else has questions regarding RMN's other events than RMN Music Pack 2, I'd ask you to kindly direct them through other channels than the construction space of this music pack! That would be much appreciated!

If you want to ask me about other music events in RMN, feel free to send me a personal message or contact me at Discord any time!
I discovered the first rmn music pack only recently, and I LOVED the entries!!! I used some of them in one of my rpgs (which is sadly still in production). RMN has really talented composers!!! I'm very excited to hear what music you guys will make this time! Good luck to all of you! >u<
Thanks for getting in touch Happy. I haven't written anything in a while, so this is definitely a great opportunity to get back into the groove.
Oh man, this should be fun! Thanks for reaching out via email, Happy! It's been about 6 years since the first pack and I'm excited to pump out some stuff for this again!

With battle themes being my speciality, that's likely what will come from me, but I'll do other themes if I can!
Devil's in the details
Oh man, this should be fun! Thanks for reaching out via email, Happy! It's been about 6 years since the first pack and I'm excited to pump out some stuff for this again!

With battle themes being my speciality, that's likely what will come from me, but I'll do other themes if I can!

It's been a while, alright! It's good to see some of the old faces back again. I'm really curious and impatient to see, and to show, how far we've come after all this time!
I repeat what both McTricky and Cornflake said, thanks for sending me an email again! I'm up for taking part again! It's been a while since I last composed something for Video Games, so I'll be happy to jump in a take part!

Thanks Happy for the email! :)
Glad to be back as well!

My first track is gonna be an orchestral sneaking about an evil fortress type deal.
Devil's in the details
Glad to be back as well!

My first track is gonna be an orchestral sneaking about an evil fortress type deal.

Hey, good to have you! Speaking of sneaking, my tech base track is also somewhat sneaky-sort.

Here's a preview of what it sounds like, though I still need to work on the volume levels (bring down some of the high freq perc to move the mix more in front, etc.):

I hope our tracks won't be too similar. :D

I hope our tracks won't be too similar. :D

Nice, I like it so far!

Compositionally they are sort of kinda similar but we have like waaaay different sounds lol.
Oh wow this sounds dope!! Now that I've finished my own game (with its own original soundtrack if you're interested in listening to my work! winkwink) I might be able to do a track or two for this. :D
Hello, thanks for reaching me out via email.
It's been a while since my last composition bere, but I'm so glad I can come back here.

Count me in.

First, I will make some peaceful town music or some magical place that will bring player into a sanctuary.
Plague-struck village/Eastern town -- Higanbana (Cornflake)
Devil's in the details
Alright, we've got a good start here. Everyone participating: remember to sign-up your team to the event on this page, and consider joining the discord at if you're looking for instant feedback. The discord has been pretty active so far!

I've also increased the contribution awards slightly as we got some new donations from community members!
Some questions I just thought of: What are the rules on alternate versions of the same track, e.g. a version without percussion and version with, or a piano version along with a music box version? Also, can we title the tracks ourselves or do they have to be generic descriptors?
Devil's in the details
Some questions I just thought of: What are the rules on alternate versions of the same track, e.g. a version without percussion and version with, or a piano version along with a music box version? Also, can we title the tracks ourselves or do they have to be generic descriptors?

If you have alternate versions of specific track, then most likely we'll include 1 version in the final cut of the music pack, and the other versions can be made available in the download version that has everything submitted to the event included in it.

Titles of the tracks: It's actually good that you brought this up as I should also include it in the submission guidelines. You can title the tracks as you want, or at least we did in the first music pack, but we still all went for somewhat descriptive names, so that anyone using the music pack can perhaps navigate through its offerings with less of an effort.

When you render your track, also be sure to include the artist name you wish to use in the music pack. I can also include this later when compiling the final pack, but if you do it with your first render it'll save me some effort of confirming which nicks everyone has decided to use later.
Thanks for the email, Happy! I honestly believe I've become rustier since the last music pack, however I would like to try contributing as much as I can.
Nice to see more music events. I already daily compose so its good to find excuses to just join community projects like these :D

Cant wait to see how this turns out!
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