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Uses an actor's sprite as it's battler.

Uses an actor's sprite as it's battler. It automatically uses the middle facing left sprite pose.


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I would love to use this script, I am wondering however if you could write it or tell me how i can use it with the MSX - XP Characters on VX/VXAce script, which allows you to use the XP sized sprites on VX/VXAce but when i use your script with that script it doesnt show the sprite correctly, here is a link to the script im using and would like to use your script with if you can help me out that would be wonderful :)

I have to ask, is this script available for commercial use? I have no immediate plans, but I'm really diggin' the script and was wondering what the conditions of use would be.
Is there a way to make it in a square formation rather than a line?
Try something like:
class Game_Actor < Game_Battler 
# ● New Method screen_x 
def screen_x 
return 450 + (self.index % 2) * 60 
# ● New Method screen_y 
def screen_y 
return 120 + (self.index % 2) * 60 
Hi! I've never used scripts in RPG maker before, but I pasted the script in under "Materials", and it won't work. Is it something else I need to do? (it's a new project)
All you need to do is test it in-game. Battle test doesn't update the thing until using it that way.

I do have to say though, this script is pretty neat! I like that it's easy to use and customize, not to mention how dynamic the party member placement seems to be.
Hmmm...a year since the last post.

It's cool and all, but it is definitely not just a plug and play if certain things are occurring (like using battlebacks with walls such as the interiors of rooms, towns and the like).

Also, the enemies will need to be placed in a different manner.

If at all possible, find/make side view enemies in tandem with this script.

Otherwise, this is not a bad script.
Hi, I'd like to use this script for my game in the IGMC 2017, can I use it? Do i need to give credit or something else?
All my scripts are fine to use for any project, I just ask that somewhere I am credited.
Does it show thee sprites of the party?

If not are you using any other scripts?

Damn... so i know this was MANY years ago but im trying to use the script and im having problems with it wich might make sense seeming this is pretty old but if it still works then i need some help, I implanted the script but do i need to change anything? cause im getting the same front vieuw battle system
When you say you implanted it, do you mean you copied it into the script editor?
usually it comes down to the question of "where did you put the script in terms of order in the script list".
Show us a screenshot of your script list
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