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Edits the menu to open to the item menu and adds items, key items, save, and game end options.

This script allows you to open your menu automatically to the item menu. It relaces weapons and sheilds and adds the save and end game option. Edit if you want. Just give credit.

Instructions: Copy and Paste above "Main".

Just note if your game uses the weapons and armors this script does not include that. You may edit what the menu options are. Just give credit. I kinda worked hard on this script. It took a while like 4-5 weeks. Enjoy and I may add add-ons for this like an exact location map.


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When I put this into the script, whenever I test my game I get this...

Script " line11:SyntaxError occurred.

class/module name must be CONSTANT
class window_ItemCommand < Window_ItemCategory

...Anyway to fix this?
Oops error. Turn this:
class window_ItemCommand < Window_ItemCategory

To this:

class Window_ItemCommand < Window_ItemCategory
Also, I have a feeling you need to turn this:
add_command(Vocab::game_end :game_end

To this:

add_command(Vocab::game_end :game_end)

Just a feeling. A minor feeling.
Edit: solved my problem! Just so you know, there is a missing comma in line 19.

Now the item menu is as you describe, but I'm still not taken automatically there when I open the menu? I'll keep fiddling and see if there's anything else I've missed.
It doesn't work, it just shows the normal inventory window
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