RPG Maker VX Ace

Gives an actor the ability to absorb HP when inflicting damage. As long as they have the state.

# ▼ Vampire State
# Author: Kread-EX
# For Nessy.

# Put <vampire: x%> in the state's notebox.


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This would be really sweet if it included definitions for which Skill IDs should drain and which shouldn't. Great work, nonetheless!
Isn't that what the Absorb Element for?
Isn't that what the Absorb Element for?

What I mean is, what if you only wanted regular attacks to absorb a portion of damage as HP? An array to set which skill IDs absorb a portion of damage as HP and which do not would increase the use people would have for this.

Studying the code (it's pretty simple), I was able to add an MP Vampire state, as well.

Setting HP Vampire to 10% and MP Vampire to 1% was returning some huge absorption on skills that dealt high damage or hit multiple times. That's why I think certain skills should be disqualified from taking advantage of the effect, y'know?

A magical attack that is dealing 8,000 damage would return 80 MP at only a 1% setting, and that's assuming it only hits one target. When used against a full enemy party (eight enemies), you'd be regaining 640 MP. Kinda nuts!

I still love this effect, though. I just think it would benefit from more control, that's all.
Ah I guess we have different uses then. I wanted a character that whatever he/she does will be able to absorb damage for a certain amount of time as part of their passive skill.
Could always switch that on/off via module on a per user basis. You know what, I think a simple array is easy enough to handle, I'll see what I can do with it and PM it over.
What's the point to this script, I pasted it into the RPG maker scripts section and nothing happens

How about providing instructions for using this and giving an example of how once this is in the RPG maker how to access and use it

# Put <vampire: x%> in the state's notebox.

This is aimed for intermediate users who are familiar with the program. And No, I won't give you a step by step instruction on how to use it since it's a case by case basis. The point is, give your character a state with that tag and it will drain no matter what attack is used, how you do that depends on you.
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