RPG Maker VX Ace

Display up to 3 fogs per map with multiple settings per fog.

Exactly what the title says. It's a basic fog system that is made with a limit of 3.
Now I'm sure there are better ones that display more but IMO, 3 should be enough per map. What makes this one different is that you have multiple settings per fog, meaning you can setup the speed of x, and y, change the opacity, the z - height value, and the color with RGBA values. (R = Red, G = Green, B = Blue, A = Alpha) Best if used with PNG format images. You also never have to worry about the fog showing up on the wrong map or having to deal with disposing. This script will take care of all that. To set it up, just place the values in the note box you can find the tutorial below and inside the script header. This is a per-map basis meaning no more messy script calls in your event pages ;)

# ** Tutorial
# Use the note box on any map and add up to 3 fogs.
# Here is an Example: Replace the Letter with A, B, or C
# <A Name: ""> (name of your fog graphic - found in your pictures folder)
# <A Speed: x, y> (speed and direction of your fog)
# <A Opacity: 255> (the opacity of the fog graphic)
# <A Priority: 50> (the Z-Height value of the fog - 0 is under the map -)
# <A Color: R, G, B, A> (R = Red, G = Green, B = Blue, A = Alpha - amounts)