RPG Maker XP

Instant 13375p34k at your fingertips!

Note: this script has been tested only to work with Advanced Message Script R4. If you are using something else or a variant of that script, use at your own risk.
This script does not work on the default message system!

Difficulty level: Moderate
(requires customization for best results)

-A variety of premade quirk templates!
-variable controlled quirk selection!
-An option for global macros, which can affect all message text in addition to chosen quirk
-A premade \time display function!
-a toggleable swear filter!

How to install:
Put it somewhere under Advanced Message Script but still above main.

How to use:
Before your target message, change the in-game variable associated with it
to whichever quirk value you wish to be active. This is set to variable 2
by default.

What the hell is a typing quirk:
A typing quirk is a signature style of typing that may differ from a proper
typing style, either incidental or on purpose. Using typing quirks in your game
can add a sense of flavor and personality to your characters.
However, it can be quite easy to go overboard and make their text
embarrassingly tacky or near-unreadable. Please use responsibly.

With this script, you can apply pre-made or custom made styles to any message,
without having to go through the trouble of baking them into the message
manually. This allows for easier message editing by allowing the writer to
write in a standardized style and then apply the proper quirk automatically.

Terms of use:
Can be used in any project, commercial or noncommercial
as long as lavendersiren is credited. They are not responsible for any trouble
you may get into with Viz Media and/or Andrew Hussie if you decide to make a
Homestuck related fangame.

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