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Change what commands are listed in battle.

  • YF
  • 12/15/2011 08:40 PM

This script allows you to change the order to commands that appear in battle for the Party Command Window and Actor Command Window. In addition to the ability to change the order commands appear, you may also add commands to the Actor Command Window that can trigger the usage of skills and/or items. The Confirm Command Window is also a new addition that appears at the end of the action select phase (after the last actor has made a choice) before entering the battle phase.

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Commands may be rearranged, added, or removed to the Party Command and Actor Command Windows. The Party Command Window is the window that contains the usual “Fight” and “Escape” commands. The Actor Command Window is the one that selects which action the actor can do such as “Attack”, “Skill”, “Defend”, and “Item”. Rearranging these commands are done so in the module.


Actors and classes can have unique command sets. As such, you can remove, add, or rearrange the commands as you see fit for each actor or class. In this script, custom commands for actors will have priority over custom commands for classes. Custom commands for classes will have priority over the default command list.

<command list>
</command list>

These lines go inside of an actor’s or class’s notebox to adjust the battle commands that appear in the actor’s Actor Command Window. Refer to the module as to what to use for the strings. If a custom command list is used for an actor, it will take priority over its class’s custom command list, which takes place over the default command list.


Change the command names for items and skills and set the rules for when they can and can’t appear. If no rules are used, they’re always visible. Whether or not the commands are usable are dependent on whether or not the actor can perform the skill or use the item (aka MP and TP costs still matter).

<command name: string>

If this skill/item is being used as a command, it will use “string” to replace the skill’s/item’s name in the command list window.

<command hide until learn>

This hides the command until the actor has learned the respective skill/item for the command to appear in the actor’s command list.

<command hide until usable>

This hides the command until the actor is capable of using the command by meeting TP costs or MP costs. Usable only for skills.

<command hide until switch: x>

This switch x is OFF, then the command remains hidden. If the switch is ON, then the command becomes enabled and appears in the command list.


Commands are added using these strings in the Actor or Class Noteboxes.

"ATTACK" Normal attack for actor. Default.
"SKILL LIST" All of the skill types the actor can use. Default.
"DEFEND" Set defend action for actor. Default.
"ITEMS" Opens up the item menu for the actor. Default.
"SKILL TYPE X" Specifically puts in skill type X if actor has it.
"SKILL X" Uses Skill X in that slot.
"ITEM X" Uses Item X in that slot.

Remove the quotes when you insert them into the noteboxes.


The Confirm Command Window is a new window that appears after the last actor has selected an action. This allows room for error in case the player makes a mistake in choosing the wrong command for the last actor in the party. Thus, the window lives up to its name by allowing the player to confirm his or her decision before starting the battle turn phase.


Custom commands may be added to the Party and Confirm Command Windows through the module. More instructions are written inside.


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