Beginner's Guide to RMVX

Hello, and thanks for showing an interest in reading my tutorial on how to utilize switches and variables in the RPG Maker Series. I think of switches and variables as bare necessities when using the event editors in the maker series. And, so I have taken it upon myself to write out a tutorial in case any guests or members aren't too clear on how they work. This is a short and simple tutorial. I write this assuming the reader/s have a small understanding of the options on an event page.

Let's say you want an NPC on one of your maps to say two different things at two different parts of your game. In order to do this, you will need to use a switch. First, we will start of using just one switch.

Your Hero walks up to an NPC and speaks with him. The NPC asks you to perform a task for him. When the conversation is over and the NPC asks your Hero to perform the task, the NPC says something different the next time you talk to him.

Let's create an Event for this Scenario. Name it NPC.
In this event, you will need 2 pages.
Their starting conditions should both be when a button is pushed.
And, their layer should be the same as the character.
You should also set a graphic for the NPC event.

Next, let's go ahead and create our switch.
On the 2nd page of NPC, click on the first checkbox underneath the name of the event.
When you click on the checkbox, it will open up another option.
Bring up that menu to choose a switch. You may name it whatever you like.

Basically, what you have just done is told the NPC event that...
If the switch is turned off, one set of events will occur...
And if the switch is turned on, another set of events will occur.

So, now you would fill in the dialogue where the NPC asks the favor of the Hero...
And, at the end of the dialogue, you would insert a command that turns on the switch you specified on the second page of NPC.

That's it!
Pretty simple, right???

This will conclude my Intro to Switches.
Next we will move on to using more than one switch for many different times of the game!


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Oh yeah, thanks, man!!! That's great! I did read it, tried it out, and now i understand how it works! Now i can create mini-bosses that NOT come back to life, when you leave the map and return.

(I'm little bit new in VX, so that was big problem for me)
Very simple. Most people would fine this helpful since Variables and Switches get confusing at first.
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