[RMMZ] Skill Cost issues

Hello, I kind of need help with a particular variant of skill cost writing.
See, I've got an archer type of character, who uses arrows (or crossbow bolts, rather) as ammunition for his attacks. Using the plug-ins from VisuStella (used the Sample Game basis), I got as far as to actually implement the system.

Now for my actual problem: As any half-baked archer, my character is supposed to have a skill where he rains bolts on the enemies. Rather than just using a fixed skill cost, though, I wanna be fancy with this one, and make the cost depend on enemy amount. This is where the problem comes in, because I'm fairly certain I need to do this using actual JavaScript, and I have no idea what to do with any of it. So far, I've only used the notetags to write the code for it so as to not break anything by accident (which would at least only require me to delete and replace the damaged file and re-do what I've done to get my system to work). Does anyone know what I need to do for this?

For reference, this is the bogus I wrote up for this:

author=My stupid ass
<JS Bolt Cost>
const user = this;
const skill = arguments[0];
const cost = arguments[1];
const enemies = arguments[2]
const item = $dataItems[7];

// Return Boolean
if (user.isActor() && enemies.isEnemy() && cost = enemies && enemies > 0) {
    return $gameParty.numItems(item) >= cost;
} else {
    return true;
</JS Bolt Cost>

Need help finding source!

I keep on forgetting that reverse image search is even a thing...
Thanks a bunch!

Need help finding source!

Hi, hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I kinda need help with something.

I downloaded these (as well as a large number of other enemy sprites) a long while back to use in a game, but quickly lost the drive for it back then. Now I rekindled that spark, but completely forgot where I took these assets from. Can anyone help me find out who made these so I can credit them?

Towerø Review

During my Let's Play I experienced a weird sound bug on one of the floors where you needed to push boulders onto buttons in order to keep them in the close position. And while I'd normally take points off for an issue like this. After all, the noise generated from this glitch is highly annoying, but I'm also aware that Tw0Face is already looking into this issue in order to solve it.

That isn't a bug, that's how you're supposed to solve it. The noise is simply of the button being pressed. One of the stock sounds of RPG Maker, that's supposed to be used for buttons being pressed.

Though I do agree that this would be significantly more obvious if, like with the other puzzle types, we were told that's what's supposed to happen.


The Interdimensional Rift spans even more than just one franchise, huh. His sense of direction rivals his ability to tell apart "-bur" from "-poor"...

Strangers of the Power

Why would I...? 11. Internet Explorer 11. But I don't use it...

Strangers of the Power

Failed to download config from cloud.
TypeError: Cannot read property 'resolution' of undefined
at WebGLExtract.canvas (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/libs/pixi.js:29556:40)
at Function.Bitmap.snap (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/rpg_core.js:935:49)
at Function.SceneManager.snap (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/rpg_managers.js:2112:19)
at Function.SceneManager.snapForBackground (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/plugins/YEP_MainMenuManager.js:4600:37)
at Function.SceneManager.snapForBackground (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/plugins/YEP_BattleEngineCore.js:2891:47)
at Scene_Map.terminate (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/plugins/YEP_X_CoreUpdatesOpt.js:7979:18)
at Scene_Map.terminate (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/plugins/YEP_GridFreeDoodads.js:653:34)
at Scene_Map.terminate (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/plugins/KhasGraphics.js:167:10)
at Scene_Map.terminate (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/plugins/MOG_BossHP.js:453:32)
at Scene_Map.terminate (chrome-extension://kmcklefpbipcgojefbeoemppffjeofpm/www/js/plugins/MOG_ComboCounter.js:261:32)

That's for the second game, and this...

WinHttpCrackUrl: Die URL verwendet kein bekanntes Protokoll. (0x2ee6)

For the first. Translated into English, it says: The URL uses an unknown protocol. I'm pretty sure the graphics driver won't help there, but who knows...

Strangers of the Power

I finally got around to buying the game (and the DLC and sequel) and THIS is what happens. I picked different characters, and after the first textbox (which I can't even see, there's only the sound and a black screen) this comes up. Can you help me?

Edit: Oh, and in the sequel, it happens right after I press "New Game"! =(

War of Two Worlds

That's not helping at all. The first changes nothing (nothing I can notice, at least, still the same error message).

The second makes it worse, as I get a new error message, which I won't seek out for you, because this error makes the entire PC crash.

Lastly, the RMTool scans the database, fine. The maps, fine. The directories, RMTool closes without any message, error or that it's done.

Also, it would have been nice of the creator to have given a clear description as to how to make this damn thing work!
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