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Rm2k3 - Steelguard / Mediguard/ Heavy Defense

It's me again. I've been toying with the buffing and tried using the condition section to have them in a state that has them in a defensive stance for one turn.

Now I also put the "Base Statistics Alteration" to "Double" in the Defense Area for a Heavy defense skill for one turn.

For Mediguard the person recovers 20 HP after that turn while defending heavily.

If i may ask, does this "Base Statistics Alteration" cut or add to the stat or subtract? just curious.

Here's a visual to help if I'm not doing it right.

The Skills tab -

The Condition tab -

[Rm2k3] Question about buffs

I know Rm2k3 is old and I'll upgrade to Ace soon, but i have one quick question concerning buff skills. (not sure if this is the right place to ask...)

When making buff skills like attack up or defense up, what's a good Effect rating number to use so that way I don't "overpower" a character, or better yet, is it better to have them get buffed for some rounds and then reduce it afterwards so that way i don't break the game?

PS: I'm mainly focusing on defense buffs.

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Hi there, I'm new here, but I've watched at some tutorials from here before, and i'm working on a game myself.

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