The Reconstruction

The single-character vantage is a very good point, and I'm glad you're tackling it. I assume movement is on a 2-dimensional plane as opposed to 1D like it is in TR; what happens if two characters or enemies are on the same space? Is that even possible? If not, it sounds like it could get crowded or easy to get boxed in accidentally. Six PCs and 6 enemies in one battle is almost half of the entire board.

2D, you can move in all four directions. It should look similar to chess.
There can be multiple people on the same space, but I will probably limit it to 3 or 4 to prevent cluttering.

This will also do interesting things to the Enchant mechanic, should you choose to maintain that!

I still don't know what to do with rush/chain/enchantments, but I will probably implement all three.
Rush will be similar to morale in The Last Remnant, it will shift as you exploit weaknesses and other similar things.
Chain is tricky, I will probably make it individual if I implement it.
I think I'm gonna let every character enchant their own or adjacent square with their elemental. There will also be abilities that let you enchant an area or use enchantment of another elemental.

Also, I hope the math isn't too overwhelming. Personally, I would have divorced it from Initiative entirely and just had a static "move" stat for each character (2 for most; faster/frailer characters get 3) and one action per turn. But, if that level of simplification isn't necessary, then go for it!

Well, since initiative is pretty fixed you just need to calculate the movement cost when you are making your character, it is pretty much just another number on your sheet. I like the idea that faster characters move more quickly.
The math shouldn't be too much, since most of it will be DM's obligation.

The Reconstruction

Positioning and engagement
This is something I was thinking about this for some time. The battlefield is divided in 25 fields, using a 5x5 grid. Each field represents a small area. Moving to an adjacent field costs the amount of initiative points equal to 36-initiative value. Classes with high initiative move faster.
Engaging an enemy costs 15 initiative points, and it can be a side effect of some attacks. You can only engage an enemy in the same field. Engaging an enemy is basically focusing on that enemy allowing you to intercept any attack that the enemy performs. This interception costs 10 initiative points.
This is very different from the original, but I think it still keeps the same "feel". The main reason for this is because in a tabletop you only control one character, so the original system wouldn't work well without some serious strategical planing, and if your individuality is severely limited that kills the fun.

The Reconstruction

And Sun Priest is done. At least for now. You might think that it is very different than the Sun Priest you get in the game, and you would be right. I love Yfus, he is my favorite character, but he sucks. I made Sun Priest more defensive and buffing, with Blessed Corps being a lot more squishy, with more offensive capabilities.

The Reconstruction

Pretty much. You get x initiative points every round, and it takes 40 to perform an action. Every class has different initiative, ranging from the slow but powerful Trudge Knight (did I get that right?) who will probably have 18 initiative to speedsters like WhiteWind (did I get that one right?) that will probably have 23. On one hand it is small difference, but on the other it is still important enough.

The Reconstruction

Finished the basis for Blessed Corps, you can find it here.
Any suggestion/opinion will be greatly appreciated.

The Reconstruction

Haha, maybe it's time for a break!

It's unfortunate that CCGs have been commercialized to the point of "game balance? what's that?" for sake of keeping consistent interest from the playerbase. I could see the B/M/S system serving as a kind of simplified parallel to the Mana system, though. Maybe with the characters themselves adding certain amounts to each pool, and their abilities requiring certain total amounts to enact.

Hmm! Hmm. Maybe if/when I get into mobile development!

Life is short, too much homebrewing to be done, no time to rest...

This one used B/M/S for health and support characters as mana source. Something like land cards in Magic. They also allowed the use of their abilities, instead of generating mana. It was a very interesting concept.

I think I used Falitza and Kulkumatz, but for some reason Santes is easier to sample:

Santes D'Rath

Blessed Corps

Rank I

Keywords-Caster, Divine




Judgment-Deals 3 Divine Soul damage
Energy-1 Soul or 1 Divine
Divine Mending-Heals 3 Body damage
Energy-1 Body or 1 Divine


Divine energy
Soul energy
Battlepriest's Shell-Tap to reduce Slashing damage by 2
Divine Mending-Tap to allow an ally to use Divine Mending (Must have Divine and Caster keywords)

The Reconstruction

Ah, I thought you meant ally skills. Yes, if you're going for 100% enemy info you'll need a text dump from Deltree.

Taken care of.;-)

I don't think the game really needs a strategy guide, though? Nothing's permanently missable, optional secrets are telegraphed with blazing neon signs, there are no sadistic tricks or moon logic puzzles, and the battles are generally pretty easy and straightforward. It's no Last Scenario.

It's going to end up as enemy encyclopedia/boss guide/character analysis.

I had a very weird dream last night, I was dreaming I was playing a card game based on The Reconstruction. It was awesome...

The Reconstruction

I believe there's also a compilation on the wiki.

There is Enemy Encyclopedia, but it is mostly empty.

The Reconstruction

My carpool's almost here, but I'll see if I can get that for you this evening. I should still have the design doc somewhere.

That would be awesome, I could just do a regular run for the guide. Take your time, I'm in no hurry.

The Reconstruction

I wouldn't try Procure Status on bosses or one-time unique enemies before her recruitment point. I didn't include any text (since it would be inaccessible) and it'll probably make the game crash. As for the trickery and cost when using it, I think it was just sadism on my part.

(Edit) Also I can just give you a text dump of everyone's thoughts if you want them; it's no problem!

She really never had a chance...

That would be great, but I am actually more interested in stats and skills.
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