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Battle of Instinct
Intense fighting game with multiple reaction mechanics



Great news: Final update coming soon!

So excited for the new version!! I really want to see more of Eureka.

Thank you so much for your support Nedras!

Vindictive Drive Review

Thank you for taking your time to play and review my game Nedras, it's long and detailed, as I said coming from you it means a lot, I will reinforce some of the game's weak points in the last update.

I learned a lot from this game, and I think next time it will be a lot better.

Selling Sunlight Review

This is a VN-RPG and you say there is too much text, then you recognize it is a "pre-alpha" yet you give it a 1/5.

Well even if you miss that, this is what you get when you start the game:

With that said, the game is clearly above average and the graphics are very good, the developer's being very polite here.

War of Existence

Hello! This is my first comment in the website... so... yay!


Anyway, I love this game, art style, characters ( well the controllable ones ) and more, some grammatical errors are found but thats okay, but the thing that is annoying me is the controls. I cant seem to designate them to the key that i want ( For instance, i wanted the attack key on key "A" and the defend on key "B" ) but it only shows the available hotkeys for it ( such as these keys, F, G, J, K etc... ) and the difficulty also within the game, on where you control "Sabrina" and battle the elite ones on Azul's mind, their kind of Overpowered, it would have been nice if there's like a Difficulty choices ( Like Easy, Normal or Hard ) but overall, I loved the game :)

Hello, thank you so much for your feedback, I had to deal with certain limitations so I can't do much about the hotkeys, but I will be working on a remake+sequel very soon, I improved quite a lot since then and I will have your comments in mind. I'm glad you liked it, thank you for taking your time to share your thoughts about the game.

I absolutely loved this game. The story and setting is absolutely amazing. I ended up getting the bad ending. How do I get the other endings?

Thank you very much for playing! MikuLeRoux is right, the details are in that guide, the path to the true ending is a bit cryptic, I'm happy you liked it!

Coronia Science - Nukeme Project

That's very beautiful thank you and thank you to the original Lab Cat.

Welcome to Nukeme Project!

I love Hong so much!~

Thank you queen.